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How do I renovate my windbreak?

Windbreaks can have many purposes, such as enhancing habitat for wildlife, providing snow and wind protection, preventing soil erosion, reducing water runoff, or providing additional income. When renovating a windbreak, make sure the re-designed tree stand meets your goals.

How much nutrition is in my corn stalk bales?

Baled corn stalks are going to provide a lot of feed this winter. But before you feed those bales, find out what they have to offer nutritionally. Sample and test your bales as soon as possible so when snow gets deep or other feeds run out you will already know how to best feed your corn stalk bales.

When should I throw my leftovers away?

The 4-day rule is a great guideline to follow for determining what is and isn’t safe to eat. Some food leftovers are safe for longer amounts of time, while some are safe for shorter amounts of time. This application gives you a convenient reference guide at your fingertips.

What should I know about my farm finances?

Watch a series of webinars that address critical issues related to farm finances. Topics include budgets, policies, analysis, leases and working with your banker. 

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