Our Strategic Direction

The Big 3 respond to what Nebraskans are talking about:

Developing a skilled workforce
Enhancing health & wellbeing
Creating statewide economic vitality
Retaining & attracting young people
Leveraging our strengths for sustained success
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To help guide our work over the next several years, we have implemented a new strategic direction. It leverages Extension’s expertise and strengths to align with what Nebraskans tell us they want and need. We know that circumstances can change. New challenges and opportunities will arise. But Extension’s clear strategic direction will allow us to respond accordingly, while remaining focused on helping Nebraska and its people.

Our strategic direction can be boiled down to three ambitions: we’re calling these “The Big 3” and they address three critical issues for Nebraskans.

Strengthen Nebraska Agriculture & Food Systems

By connecting with Nebraska Extension, Nebraska amplifies its strengths in agriculture, food production and natural resources stewardship in ways that are environmentally and economically sustainable—ensuring that all Nebraskans have access to safe and healthy food, abundant water, and the benefits of Nebraska’s outdoor spaces.

group of participants standing in corn field

Inspire Nebraskans & Their Communities

By connecting with Nebraska Extension, Nebraska has a robust, diverse population of well-prepared, innovative and productive people—beginning with Nebraska youth— living in thriving, vibrant communities that are contributing to the sustained success and growth of the entire state.

group of children working with educator building robots

Enhance The Health & Wellbeing Of All Nebraskans

By connecting with Nebraska Extension, Nebraskans are healthier in every respect—physically, mentally and economically—leading to an even better quality of life, greater prosperity and a promising future for all

child walking across a wooden platform on ropes course

We know the talent, drive and commitment of the Nebraskans we work with every day — border to border across the state. Together, we can make Nebraska even better for each and every Nebraskan.

Charlie Stoltenow, Dean and Director

Agricultural Profitability

Early Childhood

Horticulture, Landscape and Environmental Systems

Livestock Systems

Rural Prosperity Nebraska

4-H Youth Development

Water and Cropping Systems

Food, Nutrition and Health