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By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Educator in Dodge County (Week of November 1, 2021)

Does the woolly bear caterpillar forecast the weather?  Stories on websites, podcasts, blogs, newsfeeds, television, and radio like to add to the speculation, but could it be possible this furry caterpillar that rolls up into a ball when disturbed is just that—a furry caterpillar that rolls up into a ball when disturbed?!

The Returning to the Farm workshop series is being taught for families that have the next generation of farmers and ranchers coming back to their operations.  The workshop helps multi-generations traverse the challenges of successfully succeeding the operation to the next generation. 

Presenters will include Nebraska Extension experts, agribusiness and legal professionals.  

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator in Dodge County (Week of October 25, 2021)

If you are a creature of tidiness, here is a thought to ponder. Cutting back the foliage of flowering perennials, ornamental grasses, and small shrubs is damaging to native bees that overwinter in the hollow stems of plants.  Moisture seeps down through the open ends, killing the eggs, larvae, and pupae of native bees that are set to emerge as adult bees come spring.

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension in Dodge County (Week of October 11, 2021)

This is the time of year when fungi become the topic of conversation. What most people find alarming is the speed with which conks, mushrooms, and puffballs develop. In some cases, it is literally overnight. What is visible are the sporulating structures—the part of fungi that produces the next generation.  A good way to think of this is plants make seeds to produce the next generation, fungi produce spores. These spore-producing structures are varied and fascinating, and most people who ask about them are wanting to eat them.

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator in Dodge County (Week of October 4, 2021)

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator in Dodge County (Week of September 27, 2021)

As harvest from the vegetable garden draws to a close, it is time to plan and take steps to protect the soil for the winter months ahead. This ensures the soil is in good shape and ready for next year’s garden. After all, soil isn’t just dirt, but a rich and varied composition of minerals and plant nutrients, organic matter, beneficial microorganisms, and humic acid.  It is not only foundational, with spaces for roots to grow and anchor plants, but also serving up a nourishing “stew” for seed germination, plant growth and vegetable production.

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Estimated Crop Water Use

May 16, 2022
The estimated crop water use for Nebraska Panhandle crops for the previous week and the upcoming week is shown in this table. It is based on data gathered by and calculations made by Gary Stone, Nebraska Extension educator, and Dr. Xin Qiao, Extension Irrigation and Water Management Specialist, both based at the UNL Panhandle Research and Extension Center in Scottsbluff.

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Agsplosion brings agriculture to local students

May 16, 2022
More than 700 elementary students from western Nebraska got a hands-on education recently about Nebraska agriculture during the Agsplosion event that was held in 5 different locations in the Panhandle.

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Master Gardener tips for the Panhandle – Week of May 16, 2022

May 15, 2022
Are you looking for agricultural information that you can trust? Look no further than University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension publications!

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Two Record Keeping Workshops Offered in Rushville

May 10, 2022

Lincoln, Neb. —Keeping your records up to date on the farm or ranch is important but can be a complicated task. Nebraska Extension is offering two workshops in Rushville at the Sheridan County Extension Office (800 S Loofborrow Street) on May 23. These workshops will help you develop an easier process in keeping records by using tools, resources and tips taught during the sessions.

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