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Population growth puts a greater stress on expanding yields for food, which still encouraging resource stewardship. To help meet this challenge, we share unbiased, research‐based information for a diversified agricultural audience.

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Cropping & Water Systems

A private pesticide applicator is a person who uses or supervises the use of restricted use pesticides in the production of agricultural commodities on land owned or rented by them or their employer. Applicators are not eligible to purchase or apply restricted use pesticides until both certified and licensed. I will be assisting with educator vacancies in Lancaster/Cass/Otoe and Johnson/Nemaha/Pawnee/Richardson accountability regions.

If you have recieved your letter from the state regarding your recertification, their will be one day of training in Otoe County this year. 

March 23 – Nebraska City – 1 to 4 pm and 6 to 9 pm (Kimmel Orchard) 

There will be training in these surrounding counties on alternative days. 

February 6 – Auburn – 1 to 4 pm and 6 to 9 pm

February 27 – Tecumseh – 1 to 4 pm and 6 to 9 pm

Managing nitrate in drought stressed corn has been the topic of the fall at the lab. But before sending in a sample, ask yourself this question:

The 2022 Nebraska Custom Rates Report is now available on the Center for Agricultural Profitability’s website, a biennial publication reports on survey data gathered on custom operations and services in Nebraska, providing updated market rates and information for custom work providers and their potential customers. 

 A webinar covering this year’s report, and how to apply the data, will be held next Thursday, July 7, at noon CT. Register at