Past Extension Articles

A past Extension Educator for Otoe County wrote monthly articles that were published in the local Syracuse Journal Democrat, Nebraska City News Press and The Voice newspapers and on B103 Radio Station out of Nebraska City.  These articles cover a variety of subject matter relating to families.  Read any of these articles from the past few years.

The articles published in 2021 are:

March 9, 2021 4-H Makes You a Better Person
February 26, 2021 Granparenting: More than Cookies and Milk 
January 30, 2021 The Importance of Play 
January 8, 2021  Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The articles published in 2020 are:

December 18, 2020  Help Children Know the Meaning of Christmas

November 25  Stress Affects Adolescents Too 

November 13  Thriving with Your Teen

October 19 Food Safety Myths to Dispel

August 28 Responding Effectively to Misbehaving Children

May 15 Creating a Routine in Changing Times

May 8 Coping in Changing Times

April 24 Contributing in a Changing World

April 17 Connecting in Changing Times

April 10 Comfort in a Changing World

March 13 Hand Sanitizer Recipe  

February 28 It's Never Too Late To Make Friends

January 31 Sibling Relationships – Friend or Foe

January 3 Parenting Teenagers

The articles published in 2019 are:

December 6  Holiday Weight Gain

November 9 Holiday Spending

October 13  Making Friends

September 13  Volunteering Can Benefit Youth and Society

June 21 The 2019 Mosquito Season

May 23 How to Set Your Kids Up for Success

March 29 Better Breakfast

Nebraska Extension Flood Resources

February 1 Preparing for the Future