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4-H and 2020 County Fairs

As 4-H Extension Educators, we have been receiving a lot of questions related to whether families should move forward with purchasing market livestock for fair. What if we don't have a fair? What will I do with my animal? Or, the one that hurts the worst, what if I lose all my money?

 Our response to all these questions is a question itself. What are you in this for? What do you hope to gain?

 If you are in 4-H so that your child can learn about the effort that goes into raising livestock and producing food animal products, get the animal. 

 If you are in 4-H so that your child can become a better citizen or learn about goal setting or gain effective leadership skills, get the animal.

 If you are in 4-H so that your child can be a step above their peers, so that they can develop a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity, get the animal.

 If you are in 4-H so that your child can learn about resilience, determination and never giving up hope (even in the middle of a pandemic), get the animal.

 But, if you are in 4-H so that your child can sell their animal for twice what you invested in it, don't get the animal.

 If you are in 4-H so that your child can bring home a big banner or a shiny trophy, don't get the animal.

 If you are in 4-H so that you can boast to co-workers and friends about how your child beat out 15 other people's children to be the coveted "Grand Champion," don't get the animal.

 Ultimately, if you do this thing called 4-H so that you can clean up at the county fair and earn awards, money and bragging rights, don't get the animal. Because I can't guarantee you those things this year.

 We can only guarantee you that your child will learn. That, despite limited club meetings or seven days at the county fair, your child will learn the important things. The things that matter. They will fill the days of this pandemic with hope as opposed to grief. Your child will develop a relationship with their animal(s) like they never have before, because, quite frankly, it's one of the few things they have left.

 Is there a chance their experience will be different this year? Yes. 

 Is there a chance they will lose money? Yes.

 As a result, is their 4-H year a lost cause? Should they just give up? 

 We'll leave that up to you.

 - Attributed to 4-H Extension Educators

The Otoe County 4-H program is open to all youth ages 8 to 18 as of January 1st each year.  Youth ages 5, 6 or 7 years of age are eligible to participate as Clover Kids in the Otoe County 4-H program.  To be eligible you need to enroll in 4-H by May 1st each year and you can do so by going to If you need assistance enrolling check out our enrollment page.

Animal Information:

  1. Beef - Breeding, Bucket Calf, Feeder Calf & Market  Beef - Otoe County Beef Shows are Blow and Go 
  2. Companion Animal
  3. Dog
  4. Goats - Dairy, Market Meat, & Breeding Meat
  5. Horse
  6. Poultry
  7. Rabbit
  8. Sheep - Breeding & Market
  9. Swine
  • Quality Assurance  Youth for the Quality Care (YQCA) of Animals - PDF - Directions - due June 15th  by 4:30 p.m.
  • Youth for the Quality Care of Animals - information & directions UNL link
  • Animal Entries - due Monday, July 13th by 4:30 p.m. -  All Animals coming to fair must complete an entry sheet, below are the individual entry sheets for each species and Clover Kids:
  1. Beef - pdf 
  2. Companion Animal  - pdf 
  3. Dog - pdf 
  4. Goats - Dairy pdf  & Meat pdf
  5. Horse - pdf
  6. Poultry - pdf
  7. Rabbits - pdf
  8. Sheep - pdf
  9. Swine - pdf
  10. Clover Kids - use above entry sheets for all their animal entries 

Other Livestock Resourses:

  1. 2019 Livestock Stalling Maps for all species 

  1. Equine Webinar Series
  2. Horsemanship Advancement Levels
  3. 2019 Otoe County Fair Horse Patterns
  4. 2019 All Ages Trail Patterns
  5. 2019 Walk Trot Trail Patterns
  6. Horse Arena Parking
  7. Horse Stalling for 2019 Otoe County Fair




Leader Resources:

4-H Council


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