Special Agronomy Project

The Nebraska Extension Special Agronomy Project gives 4-H members an opportunity to experience a crop that is grown, was grown or has the potential to be grown in Nebraska. Youth participate by receiving seed and resources to grow the crop, research traits of the crop and determine the viability of that crop in the part of the state they live in. The project allows 4-H members interested in agronomy to grow something fun, new, and different. This year, we honor a crop grown in the panhandle! 

In the fourth year of the special agronomy project, youth will explore sugar beets!  Sugar beets are a major contributor to the U.S. sweetener industry and occur in a vast range of different food products. Be eligible to enter an exhibit at the County and/or State Fair in the agronomy project area.  

Enroll for the 2024 Special Agronomy Project through 4-H Online by enrolling in the Agronomy project and contacting your local Nebraska Extension Office to order packets of seeds.  The local Extension Office will order and distribute the seeds to members.  Please have your order placed prior to March 1st.

For project specifications and details, be sure to go to the Nebraska State Fairbook at https://cropwatch.unl.edu/special-agronomy-project