characature of woman sitting in front of a blackboard that reads '4-H School Enrichment Catalog 2020-2021'

SCHOOL ENRICHMENT Attention Teachers, are you interested in adding supplemental educational opportunities to your classroom? 

The 4-H School enrichment program provides information from the University of Nebraska to students through a collaboration between the school and Extension. The materials used in 4-H are based on research and produced by University specialists. Lessons and resources add  to the curriculum already being taught and provide additional education through fun learning activities.   

Hands-on lessons include:

  • Handwashing
  • Butterflies
  • WeDo Robotics
  • Money Cents
  • Wheat Science
  • Pizza & Agriculture
  • Power of Wind
  • And More........
See School Enrichment Catalog link below for entire catalog.

For more information contact Angela Abts (402)987-2140 or