Presentation Contest


April 21st, 2022
6:30 PM
Dakota City United Methodist Church
1523 Locust St
Dakota City, NE  68731

Registration deadline April 15th.  Please contact the Extension Office.

County Fairbook Presentation Section

Remember "Show & Tell" from Elementary school?  Well, 4-H Presentations are much like "Show & Tell", basically a presentation is when the demonstrator (you) shows and tells how to make something or how to do something. 

You can also give an illustrated talk, which is presenting an idea, giving information telling how to do or make something without actually showing how. In most presentations there may be a combination of  demonstrating and illustrating your topic.


  • Select a topic you know something about and one that lends itself to showing “How to…” For example “How to correctly measure flour”.
  • Prepare a brief outline.  Every 4-H presentation has three main parts—and introduction, a body and a summary.  The  Introduction should attract attention by telling your audience what you are going to do and it should convince them you know what your are doing.
  • The Body is where you go through the “How to” steps. List the steps so your audience clearly understands what you are doing.  The Summary tells your audience again what you have just done, by reviewing the main steps.  Finish with a statement like “I hope you will try this new recipe”.  Once your outline is complete, you can plan in more detail what you plan to say. 

    Gather the equipment you will be using. If you are showing how to wash a dog, gather a hose, buckets, shampoo, brushes and towels.  Whatever you need to complete this task. 

  • Make charts, posters or use power point slides to help illustrate your main points. Keep them brief, you only need to include key points.   Posters need to be on sturdy mat board and with printing large enough for audience members in the back of the room to see.  Keep them simple and clear.

  • Write your script.  Now you need to fill-in your outline with the details.

  • Practice your presentation in front of your family or your club to get their reaction.  They can help you polish your presentation so that it is clearly understood by the audience.  This is called polishing your presentation.

  • Practice, practice and practice some more!  You should now be prepared and ready to do your best!

  • The 4-H Presentations Contest includes two types of presentations: Illustrated Presentations and Teaching (Trade Show Exhibit) Presentations.

    An Illustrated  Presentation, given by one (1) individual or a team of two (2) individuals, is a live presentation with a formal talk where youth will use visual aids (such as props, posters, computer-based visuals, handouts, video, etc.) to show and tell others how to do something. Presentations are given on a stage/platform. Judge views the entire presentation and engages in a question and answer session following presentation.

    A Teaching (Trade Show Exhibit) Presentation, given by one (1) individual or a team of two (2) individuals, is a live, interactive, trade show style presentation where youth will continuously engage a constantly-changing/moving audience for 30 minutes by showing and telling them how to do something while answering questions. Multiple (up to 6) Teaching Presentations will be scheduled simultaneously, allowing fairgoers/contest attendees to learn from many 4-H youth at one time. Teaching Presentations are given behind a table amongst 4-H exhibits. Judge occasionally stops to view presentation, ask questions, and observe audience engagement.

  • Check out the information below for tips and ideas on giving and improving 4-H Presentations.
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  • County Fairbook Presentation Section

    presentation tips

    For more information on how to prepare your presentation, please contact the extension office and/or visit the following website at: http:/