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Great Plains Livestock Juding Circuit 

Multiple dates

  • 4/5  NE State FFA
  • 4/13  Weld County ( Greeley Co)
  • 4/20  Logan County (Sterling CO)
  • 5/23  Butler, Colfax & Platte County
  • 5/24  Thayer/Nuckolls County
  • 5/28  Northern Panhandle Judging Contest
  • 5/30  South Central Livestock Judging Contest
  • 6/21  Premier Animal Science Event (PASE)

4/27/24 -   24th Annual Seward Calf Classic - Seward County Fairgrounds - Seward, NE - Show Order

4/27/24 -  Southwest Judging Classic - Chase County Fiargrounds - Imperial, NE (Great Plains Circuit Sanctioned

5/24/24 -  Colfax, Butler & Platte County Livestock Judging Contest - Colfax County Fairgrounds, Leigh, NE

5/24/24 -  Southern Plains Livestock Judging Contest - Nuckolls County Fairgrounds - Nelson, NE

5/24/24 - Boone County Arama  - Swina-A-Rama, Goat-A-Rama, Beef-A-Rama, Goat - A-Rama, Sheep-A-Rama - Boone County Fairgrounds - Albion, NE

5/29/24 -  Animal Science Discover Day - Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) - Curtis, NE

5/29/24 -  Showman's Best Camps - Showmanship, Fitting & Nutrition Camp for Sheep and Goat Exhibitors - Clay County Fairgrounds - Vermillion SD

6/1/24 -  Small Animal Progress Show - Rabbits, Poultry, Pocket Pets, Companion Animals, Cats - Phelps County Fair grounds - Holdrege, NE

6/9/2024 - Hustler Progress Show - Sheep, Swine, Cattle, Goat - Cuming County Fairgrounds, West Point, NE

6/13/24 -  South Dakota Swine Summit - Brookings SD

6/14/24 -  Nebraska Livestock Judging Classic - Exposition Building Buffalo County Fairgrounds - Kearney, NE

6/15/24 -  Keith County 4-H Beef Progress Show - Keith County Fairgrounds - Ogallala, NE

6/15/24 -  Cream of the Crop Dairy Show - Cuming County Fairgrounds - West Point, NE

6/15/24 - Dawes County 4-H Progress Show Swine, Sheep, Goat, & Beef - Dawes County Fairgrounds, Chadron, NE

6/22/24 -  Platte County Showmanship Clinic - Ag Park Arena & Green Barn - Columbus, NE

6/22/24 -  Adams County Progress Show - Adams County Fairgrounds - Hastings, NE   Registration form

6/22 -  38th Annual Papio Valley Livestock Show - Goat, Sheep & Beef Show - Sarpy County Fairgrounds - Springfield, NE

6/23/24 - Sheridan County Goat, Beef, Sheep and Swine 4-H Progress Show - Sheridan County Fairgrounds, Gordon, NE  

6/29 -  Platte Valley 4 Paws Dog Show - D&N Event Center - North Platte, NE

Livestock achievement program -  Excited to announce another year of the Nebraska 4-H Livestock Achievement Program. This additional opportunity for livestock project youth, is designed to promote all educational aspects of 4-H livestock projects including selection, production, leadership, and exhibition by recognizing youth striving to improve in their livestock project knowledge and leadership.

 The program recognizes Members of Excellence across all 4-H livestock project areas, including: beef, sheep, meat goat, swine, dairy cattle, dairy goat, rabbit, and poultry.

 The program consists of two levels that require 4-H members to plan and report a broad range of age-appropriate and project-related accomplishments. For each level, the Livestock Achievement Program provides a list of accomplishments from which 4-H members choose their goals. Each accomplishment is worth a specific number of points. Intermediates, ages 10-13, must complete 100 points worth of activities to receive the distinction of Intermediate Member of Excellence. Seniors, ages 14-18, must complete 150 points worth of activities to receive the distinction of Senior Member of Excellence. The Plan and Reports, linked on the webpage, show examples of the project related accomplishments they can choose, or they can identify their own with approval of their local educator.

 Applications/Sign up are due June 15th through the link on the website. Plan and Reports, as well as Project Records will be due August 1st by submitting as attachments to an email sent to 4hlivestockachievement@unl.edu

 Youth completing the achievement program and receiving member of excellence recognition in the various species will be recognized during the Parade of Champions, 4-H weekend at the Nebraska State Fair.

 For more information about the program or the process, go to: Livestock Achievement Program | Nebraska 4-H (unl.edu)

Ashley Benes ashley.benes@unl.edu

Cole Meador cmeador2@unl.edu

Brett Kreifels brett.kreifels@unl.edu

4-H Online Cat Club - Cat Club is a self-paced learning opportunity offering information about caring for and showing cats. Cat Club is open to all youth regardless of age or enrollment status, as well as adults and volunteers looking to learn more about cats and the 4-H cat project. Cat Club is a great resource for anyone interest in showing cats in 4-H whether you own one now or not! 

New lessons are added each month and cover various topics, such as vaccination, diseases, grooming, diet, reproduction, breeds, genetics, cat selection, and showmanship. The monthly lessons will be made accessible online on the 5th of each month starting in September and continuing through May of the following year.

Virtual Dog Club - Open to all 4-H Youth and their dogs.  Are  you and your dog bored at home and need something to do?   Practice dog training skills, prepare for county and state fair, build the relationship with your dog.  Focus will be on beginning training.  register at:  go.unl.edu/virtualdogclub    flyer

4-H Dog Achievement Program - The program consists of levels that require a young person to plan and report a broad range of age-appropriate accomplishments. For each level, the Dog Achievement program provides a list of accomplishments from which 4-H youth choose their goals. The accomplishments increase in quantity and difficulty for each level. At the beginning of the 4-H year, participants plan what to accomplish and at the end of the 4-H year, they report on their completed accomplishments. Successful completion of a level's Plan & Report form results in a 4-H youth earning that level of the Dog Achievement program.

 More information can be found at: https://4h.unl.edu/dog-achievement-program
For any questions, contact Grace Kim at Grace.kim@unl.edu

Great Plains Livestock Judging Circuit   TThe Great Plains Livestock Judging Circuit is a lineup of contests held throughout the state giving youth the opportunity to perfect their skills in preparation for the Nebraska 4-H Premier Animal Science Event (PASE). Qualifying youth must attend a minimum of two contests in addition to the PASE livestock judging contest in order to be eligible for awards and scholarships. The top 5 individuals in the Senior and Intermediate divisions will be recognized as part of the All-State Team during the Grand Drive at the Nebraska State Fair. Judging Curcuit Rules   Judging Circuit Flyer

  • Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic, Kearney, NE - 2/18/23
  • Nebraska State FFA - Lincoln -  3/31/23
  • Morgan County ,CO - Akron, CO - 4/15/23
  • Logan County - Sterling, CO - 4/22/23
  • Scottsbluff County Livestock Invite - Mitchell, NE  4/26/23
  • NTCA -  Curtis, NE - 5/24/23
  • Colfax County-  Leigh, NE - 5/25/23
  • Thayer-Nuckolls County - Nelson, NE - 5/26/23
  • South Central Judging Contest -  Bladen, NE - 6/1/23
  • Butler County - David City, NE - 6/2/23
  • Dawes County - Chadron, NE -6/2/23
  • Wheeler County - Bartlett, nE - 6/9/23
  • Box Butte Western Livestock Challenge - Hemingford, NE  - 6/15/23
  • Nebraska Livestock Judging Classic - Kearney, NE - 6/16/23
  • Premier Animal Science Event (PASE) - Lincoln, NE - 6/23/23