Cherry County 4-H


4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential working and learning in partnership
with caring adults. 4-H is education for life that uses a learn-by-doing approach.

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Cherry County 4-H

Cherry County 4-H Alert
Current news about Cherry County 4-H activities is e-mailed as information becomes available. You will find all of the Alerts here.

2018 Cherry County 4-H CEA Contest
Cherry County Fair Premium Book

The County Fair Premium Book  contains all the guidelines for the projects that can be entered in the 2017 Cherry County Fair. Please refer to it for each class you intend to enter in the fair.

4-H Project Manuals

A limited number of manuals for 4-H projects are available at the Extension Office. Once supplies are depleted, families will need to purchase their manuals at Others will have to be ordered from National 4-H Mall.

Cherry County 4-H members are encouraged to consider their areas of interest, and then determine the 4-H projects they would like to enroll in. To help in project selection, please refer to the 2018 list of projects available in Cherry County.   Clover Kids (4-H age 5-7) may select only projects listed on the Clover Kids Curriculum list.