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Nebraska Extension-Cherry County has the position of Office Manager becoming available.

Office Manager Position:
The Nebraska Extension-Cherry County office manager provides support to the Extension Educator(s) and Assistant(s) in their programming to develop and carry out quality educational/informational programs for the public. The Office Manager’s primary duties include A) serving as a receptionist for the office B) overseeing the general daily operation of the office functions and maintaining financial records as required by Cherry County and the University of Nebraska C) providing clerical support for the Extension Educator and 4-H Assistant D) working under the supervision and direction of the Extension Educator Unit Leader.

We have a wonderful opportunity to collect information from working pregnant women living in rural Nebraska and need your help. We want to hear these women’s ideas about infant care as well as their plans after their baby is born!

We are looking for expectant working women (in their third trimester or close to that) living in Nebraska.  We plan to meet with them for a total of three times over the duration of one year, and, after each visit, compensation is provided for their time.  Additional information about the study is provided in the flyer.

Ranch/Farm Management Info

Information about ranch/farm lease information, crop budgets, custom rates and more can be obtained from UNL's Farm/Ranch site.

Another helpful site with information specific to the beef industry is

BeefWatch Podcast

The BeefWatch Podcast provides timely information to help beef cattle producers improve the sustainability and profitability of their operations. 

Nebraska Extension in Cherry County prepares a report that airs each Monday on KVSH radio. Read the Monday Extension Report here.

Nebraska Extension in Cherry County

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