Cherry County 4-H Resources

Achievement Applications (Record Books) Due October 1, 2020

The Achievement Application ( is the newest form of 4-H Record Books.  The Achievement Application will be used at the state level to select winners for 4-H Congress, Conference, scholarships, and other leadership opportunities that arise statewide.  It will also be used for awards in the county to be given at Achievement Night TBD.  By having one single form that more closely resembles the kinds of questions being asked on college applications and in resumes, 4-H’ers will be better prepared to be college and job ready while keeping a record of achievements.  Tutorial with guidance on how to complete an Achievement Application here.  Achievement Application slides and Achivement application workbook


County-Level Review

Please drop off at the Extension Office or submit the following items via email to by October 1, 2020.

  • Completed application (see link above), including:
    • About Me Cover page
    • 4-H Experiences (Parts 1 & 2)
    • Leadership Experiences (Parts 1 & 2)
    • Community Involvement/Service Learning Experiences
    • Career Spark
    • Additional responses required for national experience applicants only (1-page max)

County level award categories will include:

  • 1st Year Achievement Application Winner (does NOT count Clover Kid submissions) - $100
  • Junior Achievement Application Winner Ages 8-14 - $100
  • Senior Achievement Application Winner Ages 15-18 - $100
  • Project Awards (Pins are available for almost any project in the Premium book – see the Cherry Co. 4-H Project Award Categories) – You are eligible for two project awards per year as you will focus on two program experiences in “Part 2” of the Achievement Application.  Only one youth will be chosen as a winner in each project per year. 
  • Outstanding Community Service Award
  • Outstanding Jr. Leader Award

State-Level Review (for Seniors, ages 15 and up ONLY) – see website above for more information


To be eligible for State Awards and Honors such as National 4-H Conference & Congress, 4-H Foundation Scholarships, etc.

Following your county-level review, please make revisions as needed.  More information will be released as the date gets closer (usually January).

Cherry County 4-H Scholarship 

It's that time of year again.  The scholarship application is due to Michelle Garwood by September 22. 2020.  Please click here for the application. 

NEW – Special Cherry County Recognition Category

Niobrara National Scenic River 4-H Connections
Open to any 4-H member, including Clover Kids. A new partnership effort with the National Park Service. Contact (402) 376-1901 or stop at the Visitor Center at 214 W Highway 20, Valentine, NE for additional resources. Website:  Form here and also at the back of the premium book for 2020. 

Horse Project

Horse Packet - Information for those enrolled in the Cherry County 4-H Horse Project can be found in the Horse Packet. A schedule and information about upcoming events, County Fair, and District and State Horse Shows, Advancement Levels Testing, and horse IDs is included. Information to help 4-H youth complete a Feeds Chart for Horse Advancement Level II requirements can be found by clicking here.

Horse Affidavit (Horse ID)  - click here

Livestock Projects

Livestock Affidavits (ID) - To verify information about deadlines, types of animal ID forms required, ear tags, Online Nomination, DNA requirements, etc. check out this chart and detailed information. All Livestock/Animal Ownership Affidavits: DairyBreeding BeefBreeding DoeBreeding SheepBreeding SwineBucket CalfFeeder CalfMarket BeefMarket GoatMarket Lamb, & Market Swine 1 2.  Affidavits for livestock click here

They can then be printed and sent to the Cherry County Extension Office by June 15, 2020.  Or, they are available at the office.  The only exceptions to this deadline are Horse IDs for District and State Horse Shows, which are due in June 15 and Market Beef are due June 15. If you are planning to exhibit at State Fair or AkSarBen, pay close attention to guidelines about the DNA, Breeding Nomination Cards and EID tag requirements.

Bucket Calf ProjectPurpose of this project is to offer an experience for beginners interested in pursuing interests in animal management.  The animals entered in this project are not eligible to be shown in other animal classes at the Cherry County Fair, nor are the animals eligible to be shown in showmanship or the team fitting contest. Criteria for judging will include:  Exhibitor knowledge of records and project, completeness of this record book, animal health and cleanliness, animal handling techniques, and exhibitor courtesy.  Please print and use this Project Record. Please use this for Clover Kids Bucket Calf Project.

Sandhills Production Beef Class  - The purpose of the Sandhills Production 4-H class is to encourage youth to understand and implement the production side of a beef project. It is intended to motivate members to become involved in the cow/calf industry that is prevalent in the Sandhills. Youth will have an understanding of the industry that is important to Nebraska’s economy. 4-Hers will understand and implement a recordkeeping system and be able to communicate key elements of raising cattle in the Sandhills and the production practices unique to the Sandhills area. Through this project youth will be motivated, upon completing their educational career, to live and produce cattle in the Sandhills. The updated guidelines are now available. Please contact the Extension Office if you need additional information.

YQCA (Quality Assurance) Training Required for all Livestock, Poultry and Rabbit Projects due July 15 – MUST COMPLETE ONLINE!

All youth enrolled in livestock projects are required to take annual YQCA training!  Due to COVID there will only be an online option this year.  Please log on to, register via the 4-H Online option, and send the Extension Office a copy of your certificate of completion by JULY 15 to be eligible for the show at Fair.    

You will use your FAMILY 4HOnline login and password information to access the courses for the ACTIVE youth in your family.  Only ACTIVE members will show in the drop down menu for access to the course.   All registration questions with YQCA should be directed to There will not be local support for the YQCA program. All 4-Hers need to use the 4-H tab and not the FFA tab even if they are members of both organizations. There is a button for families that have forgotten their password. 4-Hers that have started their QA training in the LQA site will be able to complete their modules and print off their certificate of completion and take it to their Extension Office. The YQCA site is user friendly and should make it easy for 4-H families to complete their QA training for this year.   


The Premier Livestock Exhibitor Award - is designed to recognize and honor 4-H members that show a dedication to the agricultural industry. Winners of this award will have demonstrated their passion, hard work and integrity through participation in events related to their livestock projects. 4-H exhibitors must meet the minimum requirements, have the highest score from the point system and show at least one of the species of beef, sheep, swine, goat and/or dairy to qualify. Additional information on requirements, scoring, etc. is available from this link.  

Cherry County 4-H Scholarships and Grants

The Cherry County 4-H Foundation offers a grant program to 4-H clubs or groups for funds to be used for adult and youth trainings, program development and acquisition of equipment to benefit Cherry County 4-H and youth.  The deadline for application is March 6, 2020.  However, if you would like the Foundation to consider your request for your project earlier than that date, please contact Michelle at 402-376-1850.  The application with additional information is available here.  

Cherry County Club Grant

The Cherry County 4-H Council seeks to promote and support positive youth development experiences for youth in Cherry County. 4-H Clubs in good standing may apply for funds to assist with club projects and club expenses that carry out the 4-H mission.  Club Grant Application

Cherry County Youth Project Grant

4-H members in good standing with their club and the county may apply for a grant to fund a 4-H project.  This grant is provided as 4-H project assistance to Cherry County 4-Hers, ages 8 to 18. Funds should be applied for the current 4-H year. Youth Project Application

College Scholarship Opportunities for Cherry County 4-Hers

Cherry County 4-H Scholarships are Due NOVEMBER 1, 2020!!!! Please submit applications to the Cherry County Extension office or eletronically to 
Kerry Bryant Memorial Scholarship 
Cherry County 4-H Scholarship 

Communications & Expressive Arts Contest

This contest will be held February 28, 2020 at 5:00 pm CST located at the Valentine High School Auditorium.  The Entry forms will be due February 21stCEA Entry Form.  Entries can be taken over the phone by calling the Extension Office 402-376-1850. 

The rules and guidelines can be reviewed here.  Please read carefully.  

Simple basic steps to writing a speech!!

4-H Project Manuals

A limited number of manuals for 4-H projects are available at the Extension Office. Once supplies are depleted, families will need to purchase their manuals at Others will have to be ordered from National 4-H Mall.

Special Foods Contest

Continuing the cupcake war for 2020 at Special Foods Contest!



Special Foods Contest will look a little different this year due to COVID-19 guidelines.  No food taste sampling is allowed for any Fair and Pre-Fair activities this year.  So there will be two categories:

  • Cupcake War (Design Only)
  • Tablesetting/Menu/Nutrition Quiz

WE WILL ALSO BE PILOTING A COUNTY LIFE CHALLENGE EXPERIENCE!  There will be a quiz set up on a variety of Family Consumer Sciences topics, plus information on forming a state team for 2021. 

The contest will be held between 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm CT at the Valentine Methodist Church on July 14 (please note date change).

Both special foods categories are open to all ages – Clover Kid through age 18. 

County Life Challenge is open to youth ages 8 and up.  (Youth ages 11 and up can qualify for the State Team.)


This baking/cake decorating competition focuses on product design (visual ONLY for 2020) and creative presentation.  The contestant prepares any number of cupcakes based around a theme of their choice (i.e. baby shower, birthday, teacher gift, etc.).  Cupcakes are to be decorated and incorporated into a presentation/display that will not exceed the size of a square card table. 

Arrival/judging of cupcakes will depend on the overall enrollment for the event.  A letter and schedule will be sent out shortly after pre-entry day (June 29).  


This will be just like Special Foods, minus the live cooking!  Plan a nutritious menu for a single meal using My Plate guidelines.  Provide an attractive table-setting appropriate for your menu/theme.  Instead of participating in an interview on nutrition, you will complete a nutrition quiz. 


The 2020 4-H Family and Consumer Sciences Quiz developed by Nebraska 4-H is based on FCS subject matter.  The intent of this contest is to engage young people interested in family and consumer sciences in a challenging educational experience.  Youth can study for the quiz by reading and reviewing FCS related Nebraska 4-H curriculum and National 4-H curriculum.   The following topics will be on the 2020 quiz:  My Financial Future, Elements and Principals of Design/Home Environment (Design Decisions), Textiles (STEAM Clothing Projects), Human Development/Babysitting, Health, and Cooking 101-401.  This will be an opportunity to identify members for the 2021 State Team (ages 11 and up) and start a regular county competition.

 Entry FormSpecial Foods Contest Handbook

Questions?  Contact 402-376-1850 or

Clothing Day

Clothing Day will be held on July 7 starting at 9:00 am CT. This event will be held at the Cherry County Extension Building. Please remember that ALL exhibits in this department are judged this day including items not featured in the fashion show (i.e. notebooks, barn quilts, etc.). Youth also model their fashion show entries for the judge that day. (The public Fashion Show will be held at the Cherry County Fair on August 9.) Entry forms are available on the Cherry County 4-H website and are due on June 26 to the Extension Office. Entry form.

Dog, Cat, Companion Animal, and Rabbit projects.

 Nebraska 4-H Dog Show Rules

Nebraska 4-H Companion Animal Resources


Preparation of exhibits for fair - This helpful publication gives information on how to prepare your photographs for county and state fair entries.  

Photography Project Data Sheets - Nebraska 4-H has implemented new data sheets for photography exhibits entered at fair. These are to be attached to the back of each photo entered. They are different for the specific class entered. The sheets may be accessed and filled in or printed and filled in by hand. Photography Unit I Data Tag, Photography Unit II Print/Display Data Tag, Photography Unit II Showcase Data Tag and Photography Unit III Data Tag.


Horticulture Projects

"Selecting and Preparing Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs for County and State Fairs" - is a useful guide to help exhibitors prepare their items for entry.  It is a free download.