Cherry County 4-H Virtual Opportunities

Nebraska State 4-H Virtual Learning Schedule & Resources

For a variety of ages, interests and format!  Camps, Living Room Learning, Boredom Busters, Virtual Field Trips, Virtual Clubs, and MORE!

Panhandle 4-H Virtual Learning Series

Social distancing slowing down your 4-H goals? Join Nebraska 4-H Panhandle Staff as they present 6 weeks of fun filled virtual presentations to build your skills and jump start your project list for fair. Each week 3 new presentations will be hosted from all over the Panhandle. Each workshop is guaranteed to help you learn more about the topic and has a direct tie to project that you will complete with the class or give you the tools to start and finish on your own time. Workshop cost vary from free to $20. Go to to learn more about the topics and projects! And be sure to check back as more opportunities for 4-H fun will be added soon!

Livestock Projects

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 Topic: Cherry Co. 4-H Livestock Project Check In

Date: Jun 18, 2020

Meeting Recording: No recording due to Zoom technical difficulty.  Please refer to power point slides above.  

FCS Projects

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 Topic: Cherry Co. 4-H Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Check-In

Date: Jun 1, 2020  

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Dog/Small Animal Projects

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 Topic: Cherry Co. 4-H Dog/Small Animal Project Check In

Date: Jun 4, 2020

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Horse Project

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 Topic:  Cherry Co. Horse Project Check In

 Date:  June 8, 2020

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Shooting Sports

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STEM Projects 

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Topic: Cherry Co. 4-H STEM Check In

Start Time : May 26, 2020 06:46 PM

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Photography/Communications Projects

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Topic: Cherry Co. 4-H Photography/Communications Project Check In

Date: May 28, 2020 05:46 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Clover Kids

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This Zoom meeting was not recorded due to small participant numbers, please refer to slides and web links on slides

In addition to the Live Experience programs, a NEW self-paced resource – a 4-H Clover Kid Fun Pack – will be released each week. The Nebraska 4-H Clover Kid Fun Pack is a collection of timely, virtual and at-home learning opportunities. The activities are designed to be led by a parent, caregiver/babysitter, older sibling, or summer program staff member. Each week, a new Pack that includes 4 daily activities for 4 days (Monday – Thursday) will be released.