4-H Friday News Blast

Each Friday a 4-H Friday News Blast will arrive in the in-box of the Cass County 4-Hers.  Be "In-the-Know" and read the News Blast.

  • 11.15.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  Time to enroll for 2020,  4-H Council Meeting Monday the 18th, Inspire Kids to Do!, Senior Scholarship application due December 1 (awarded to one male and one female), Celebrate Kindness, Volunteers needed for First Lego League, Apply to be 4-H Club of the Month, Shooting Sports Instructors Report Due, State Wide Events, On-line Self-Paced Cat Club, School Year 4-H Camps, Catch a Calf Application Due December 1st, Calendars.  
  • 11.8.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  2020 Enrollment is open, New Council Members, Achievement Program thank you notes, Senior Scholarship Applications, Nebraska 4-H Club of the Month, Shooting Sports Instructors, Notice for 4-Hers who exhibited at the State Fair, Save the Dates for State Events, Equine Advancement Workshops, Check out the New Cat Club, School-year camps, National Western Stock Show Catch-A-Calf, Trending in Nebraska 4-H, Calendars. 
  • 11.1.1019 4-H Friday News Blast:  Achievement Program and Party, Council Members, Photos on Sunday, Job Opportunity, Senior Scholarship Applications, Shooting Sports Instructors Report, Re-enroll, Equine News from the State Office, 4-H Horse Stampede, Companion Animals, State Fair Exhibitors Information about Thank-you Notes, Catch-A-Calf, Calendars.
  • 10.25.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  Vote NOW for new 4-H Council Members, New Job Opening at the Extension Office - apply by November 4th, Achievement Program and Party on November 3rdShooting Sports Instructors, Re-enroll, New 4-H club in Cass County, 4-H Fall Workshop, Catch-A-Calf Contest, KUDOS to Easton Roeber, Calendars.
  • 10.18.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  Job Opportunity at Cass County Extension, It's time to re-enroll, Announcement - new 4-H club in Cass County named STEAMrollers, Put Sunday November 3rd on your calendar, New kinds of awards at the Achievement Program, 4-H Council members, Fall Workshop, Calendars
  • 10.11.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  Achievement Applications due Oct 15, Job Opportunity in Cass County Extension, Achievement Party includes a cake walk, 4-H Council ... hurry!, Equine Webinar Series, 4-H in the schools (School Enrichment), 4-H Fall Workshop, Re-enrollment begins Wednesday, Oct. 16th, NCC Youth Livestock Judging, Calendars and Ag Information.
  • 9.27.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  Continental Giants Rabbit Show Sept 28 at fairgrounds, National 4-H Week - Join us in the Celebration, School Enrichment Catalog Ready, Achievement Applications Due, 4-H Council Member Nominations, Shooting Sports Certification in Lincoln, 4-H Foundation Trail Ride, Cass County Fall Workshops Nov 9th, Wool Contest, 4HOnline Down for Maintenance, Calendars, 4-H Mission Statement, Vision, Pledge, Motto, and Colors, KUDOS to Lauren Stolhmann.
  • 9.20.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  Oct 15 Due Date, Nat'l 4-H Week, Nominations for Council, NE Shooting Sports Certification in Lincoln, Camp Announcements, 4-H Foundation Trail Ride, 4-H Fall Workshop, Nat'l Catch-a-Calf, Shooting Sports in Ashland, Wool Contest, 4HOnline Maintenance, KUDOS to Caleb Kraeger and Easton Roeber, Fed Steer Challenge, Calendars
  • 9.13.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  What is due Sept 15th?, Nominations for 4-H Council Members, Nebraska 4-H Achievement Applications for Trips and Awards, Shop 4H Digital Catalog, Summer Job Announcement, Camp Scholarships, 4-H Foundation Trail Ride, Shooting Sports Training, Make if Yourself with Wool, Get Ready for National 4-H Week, School Year Camps, 4HOnline Maintenance, Calendars.
  • 9.6.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  Nominations, Results, Year-end reports, Pick up Static Exhibits, Shooting Sports Training, "Best of the Rest," Equine Webinar, 4S Goat Expo Scholarship, Make it Yourself with Wool, 4-H Youth in Action, National 4-H Week, School Year Camps, Beef Leadership Symposium, Calendars.
  • 8.30.2019 4-H Friday News Blast:  State Fair App, Office Closed Labor Day, Thank you notes, When to pick up State Fair exhibits, "Best of the Rest" Livestock Show, Equine Webinar Series, 4S Goat EXPO Scholarship, 4-H Youth in Action, State Fair Results, End of the Year Reports (Point Sheets), Thank you Cake Auction Buyers, Nominate a Volunteer, 4-H Cat Club Revamped, School Year Camps, County Fair Results, Nebraska Youth Beef Leadership Symposium, Calendars
  • 8.23.2019 4-H Friday News Blast: State Fair App, Point Sheets (new format this year), Diamond Clover, Items to be picked up at the Extension Office, Thank you from SENCA, Volunteer Recognition, 4-H Cat Project News, AkSarBen Entries Due, Calendars (many new things on Ag calendar).
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  • 8.2.2019  4-H Friday News Blast Flat Herbie at Clean-up Day, Free root beer floats, Reference the fairbook, Exhibitor numbers, Special Garden Project exhibits, Horticulture exhibits need cultivars, Enter Workshop items, Make a nomination to recognize a volunteer, State Fair Culinary Challenge, Foundation Trail Ride, Bess Streeter Aldrich, When do I sign up for the Cake Auction?, Door prizes, Fair dress code, State Fair Entries, AkSarBen entries, Tickets for State Fair, Calendars.
  • 7.26.2019 4-H Friday News Blast Workshop items to the fair, Nominations for Volunteer Recognition, Flat Herbie, Shooting Sports Contest, Sewing, Fashion, and Table Setting Contests, Clean up the Fairgrounds, Special $25.00 award, Sign up for Cake Auction Sunday, Door Prizes, Fair Dress Code, State Fair Livestock Entries, Aksarben Entries, State Fair Tickets, 4-H Ice Cream, Calendars
  • 7.19.2019 4-H Friday News Blast    Livestock Superintendents meeting, Congratulations to Lauren on her award, Bridle and Saddle Horse Show, Shooting Sports July 27th, Sewing and Fashion Show, Table Setting information Sheet, Come to pre-fair cleanup, Root Beer Floats, Bring workshop items to the fair, Special Bess Streeter Aldrich award, Update on State Fair Tickets, Eggs/Embryology, Cake Auction, Triple B selling apparel, Lego Contest, Volunteer at the State Fair, Calendars.
  • 7.12.19 4-H Friday News Blast  Pre-entries for Livestock and Contests due Monday, July 15th at 11:59 pm.  Go to https://cass.fairwire.com., Eggs and Embryology, Triple B 4-H 70th Anniversary Apparel, Superintendent's Stalling Meeting, Bess Streeter Aldrich Exhibit $25.00 award, Cattle Showmanship Workshop on Saturday,  Livestock Bedding fees, Pre-Fair Clean-up, LEGO Contest, Point Sheets Workshop, Volunteer at State Fair, KUDOS to Layton Brauckmuller!
  • 7.5.2019 4-H Friday News Blast  Special forms needed for certain exhibits, July 15th at 11:59, https://cass.fairwire.com, Triple B 70th Anniversary apparel, Superintendent's Stalling Meeting, Bess Streeter Aldrich special award, Sewing/Fashion Show judging, Cattle Showmanship Workshop, Livestock Bedding Fees, Pre-Fair Clean-up Day, Pop tabs, Table Setting, Shooting Sports at Platte River State Park, Cake Auction, Quilt Auction, State Fair Entries & State Fair Tickets, Performing Arts, Workshops next week, Volunteer at the NE State Fair, 4-H t-shirts, Companion Animals Contest, Agronomy, KUDOS to the Ag Society, Calendars.
  • 6.28.2019 4-H Friday News Blast  Independence Day, Read the Fairbook, https://cass.fairwire.com - the on-line link to enter county fair livestock and contest exhibits, Livestock bedding fees, Cattle Showmanship Workshop, Dog & Cat vaccination papers, Table Setting Contest, Shooting Sports, Leader verification for Shooting Sports, Performing Arts Contest, Volunteer at the Nebraska State Fair, State Fair Tickets, County Show Shirts and shirts for fun, Companion Animal Showmanship, Agronomy Youth Field Day, KUDOS to PASE contestants, KKUDOS to Lynn Dowding family, Bridle and Saddle Horse Fun Day, Calendars.
  • 6.21.2019 4-H Friday News Blast  Pre-Fair Entires, Workshops next week, Read the 4-H Fair Book, Volunteers needed at the Nebraska State Fair, State Fair Tickets, KUDOS to Lauren Stohlmann, Clover Kid Activity Lesson on Sound Science, Calendar)
  • 6.14.2019 4-H Friday News Blast New sign, KUDOS for meeting the deadlines, next week's workshops, KUDOS to Hamma Lamma Slammers and Weeping Water Whiz Kidz clubs for community service, Progress Show, calendars.
  • 6.7.2019 4-H Friday News Blast Welcome to our new Extension Educator, Lauren Stohlmann,   June 15th DEADLINES, July 15th on-line pre-entry DEADLINES, Livestock online registration open, progress shows, Shooting Sports workshop, cookie workshop, bees workshop, adventure camp workshop, babysitting workshop, tractor safety training, nature night walk, Clover Kid Activities, Calendars, (local extension workshop on troubleshooting the Landscape).
  • 5.31.2019 4-H Friday News Blast  YQCA training Monday, Pick up Embryology Kits, June 15th deadline for livestock, New Babysitting Workshop, Last call for BB Gun and Air Riffle workshop for June 3rd, Summer Workshop Brochure, numerous progress shows, KUDOS, Nature Night Walk in June, calendars
  • 5.24.2019 4-H Friday News Blast Embryology Kits, Register for Summer Workshops, Horse Fun Show Rescheduled, Welcome to our summer intern, Public Speaking Kudos, Scholarship Winner Kudos, Many things due on June 15th, YQCA June 3rd, MANY progress shows announced, Fundraisers, PACE,  Add or Drop Projects before June 15th, flood news, calendars.
  • 5.10.2019 4-H Friday News Blast Summer Workshops, Horse deadline today, Fundraisers, Livestock due date information, NE State 4-H Archery, Fair book, Scholarship Opportunity, 4-H project affected by flood?,  Bridle and Saddle Fun Show, New Extension Educator, calendars.
  • 5.3.2019 4-H Friday News Blast Horse project deadlines, YQCA Monday, 4-H Summer Workshops booklet, Spaghetti Feed, Bake Sale, Fairbook, Bridle and Saddle Fun Show, Raise your Hand for Nebraska 4-H, Swine Progress Show, Volunteer Guide for Disaster Recovery, New Staff Members, Calendars
  • 4-25-2019 4-H Thursday News Blast Horse ID's and Level Testing Due May 10th, New Educator in Cass County, Intruducing our 4-H Summer intern, fair books, we have extra okra seeds, progress shows, 4-H Plant Science Contest, Riase your Hand for 4-H, Flood Releif Volunteer Oppportunity, calendars, Office Closed Friday for Arbor Day.
  • 4.19.2019 4-H Friday News Blast Announcement of new Cass County Educator, Public Speaking Contest Contestant announcement, extra Okra seeds, YQCA training on Thursday, Raise your Hand, Flood Relief Opportunity, Fair book, N|150 exhibits at the fair, 4-H Curriculum sale, Beef Progress Show, Dairy Goats Show, calendars.
  • 4.12.2019 4-H Friday News Blast You're invited to the Public Speaking Contest, Disaster Recovery 4-H Volunteer Guide, Fairbook, pick up your special garden seeds, Summer Dog Day-Camp, N|150 Stepping Stone directions, N|150 Photography exhibit directions, Cooking with Clover Kids, Curriculum Sale, 4-H Beef Progress Show, 4-H Foundation Flood Relief Fund to Support Nebraska Families, calendars.
  • 4.5.2019 4-H Friday News Blast  Public Speaking Contest, Fair Book published, Special Garden Seeds are here, On-line Cat Club, 4-H Horse Show & Judging Guides, Raise your Hand, Flood Relief, 25%off 4-H curriculum sale, How to become a "Friends of 4-H" Supporter, Calendars
  • 03.29.2019 4-H Friday News Blast Local Scholarship due April 1, Public Speaking Contest entries, 25% curriculum sale, Companion Animal Challenge, 4-H Horse Stampede, NCTA Livestock Judging Camp and Field Day, Pawnee Rabbit Progress Show, Sponsorships, Storm Chasers is back on!, DNA, YQCA, K9 Clinic, Big Red Summer Camp, calendars.
  • 03.22.2019 4-H Friday News Blast Help from FEMA, Flood Disaser Recovery Resources, Bake and Take, Summer 4-H Intern, Public Speaking Contest, Friends of 4-H and sponsorships, New DNA due date, YQCA, Information Galore, Camp Scholarship Winners, Local High School Scholarship application due April 1st, Big Red Camp, Calendars.
  • 03.15.2019 4-H Friday News Blast  Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers for all people, livestock, land, and property affected by the massive floods!   
  • (Re-enrollment due today, camp/workshop scholarship applications due today, 4-H intern, Bake & Take Month, Details about the Speech Contest, YQCA, area flooding, thanks to those who've gone before us, calendar.) 
  • 03.08.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Scholarship applications for Cass County 4-Hers, March 15th enrollment deadline, Wheat Growers "Bake and Take", Internship, Invited to Storm Chasers, on-line cat club, YQCA training, Spring Rabbit Show, Seward Calf Classic, The Showdown in Grant, calendars)
  • 03.01.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Workshop/camp/travel/scholarships, KUDOS to five Hamma Lamma Slammers, college scholarships, notes about enrollment, Cass County Summer Intern, Invitation to Storm Chasers baseball game, YQCA, Ag Agronomy Day, volunteer options, Companion Animal Challenge, Spring Rabbit Show, Youth Challenge, Calendars)  Also note:  Private Pesticide Training at Cass County on Thursday, March 7th.
  • 02.22.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (4-H Seniors apply for scholarships, Cass County 4-H Summer Intern, 4-H camp/workshop/travel scholarships, re-enrollment, Clover Kid lesson, Spech Contest, YQCA, Agronomy Day, Poultry Judging Clinic, Opportunities to volunteer, calendar reminders)_
  • 02.15.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Re-enrollment Deadline, Summer Camp/Workshop/Travel Scholarships, Speech Contest Announced, 4-H Photography Themes, YQCA training, Celebrating N|150, Companion Animal Challenge, Lots of Horse Project News, Agronomy Day at UNL, Poultry Judging Clinic, CWF, Volunteer Opps, Calendars, Extension Office Closed Monday for President's Day)
  • 02.08,2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Re-enrollment deadline March 15, 4-H year-long calendar, DNA envelopes ready, YQCA training sessions, Horse Judging School, Agronomy Day opportunity, Poultry Judging Clinic, CWF, Volunteer Opportunites for Cass County 4-H, NE Nebr Horse Show, calendars)
  • 02.01.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Cass County 4-H Year-long calendar, DNA envelopes here, Trip to Washington D.C., Opportunities for volunteers, Face-to-Face Training for YQCA, KUDOS, Robotics Team Presentation, Scholarship Opportunities for Seniors, National event for Shooting Sports, Horse Project News, Poultry Project News, Day Camp is back, Three calendars)
  • 01.25.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Special Garden Seed Deadline, Native Bee teen app deadline, 4-H Day Camp is back!, 2019 Cass County 4-H Calendar, Shooting Sports, Assistant Fair Superintendents, Hippology course, N|150, Companion Animal Volunteer, calendars)
  • 01.18.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (4-H Council Meeting, new members seeking clubs, 2 new assistant superintendents, Dog leader, bee opportunity for 1 to 2 Cass County teens, Red Okra, Local Scholarships, Computer Science workshop, 4-Hers who cook, Women in Ag, Beekeeping, NAYI, Open House at UNL Ag, Big Red Camp, N|150, three KUDOS, Volunteers for Companion Animal committee, calendars)
  • 01.11.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Clubs accepting new members, 4-H dog leader, revisions in awards, cooking with Clover Kids, Re-enroll, 4-H Council Mtg, Jan 31st Deadline for Special Garden Seeds, David Knabe Memorial Scholarship, Horse Stampede, Shooting Sports, Computer Science Summer Workshop, 4-Hers who cook, NAYI, Women in Ag, Beekeeping, Big Red Summer Camps, KUDOS, calendars)
  • 01-04-19 4-H Friday News Blast (New and Revised Awards & Recognition Opportunities, 4-H Council, Service Projects, UPDATE for Shooting Sports Instructors, Order seeds for Red Pod Okra, Communication, NAYI, Clover Kids resources, 3 calendars)