4-H Friday News Blast

Each Friday a 4-H Friday News Blast will arrive in the in-box of the Cass County 4-Hers.  Be "In-the-Know" and read the News Blast.

  • 02.22.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (4-H Seniors apply for scholarships, Cass County 4-H Summer Intern, 4-H camp/workshop/travel scholarships, re-enrollment, Clover Kid lesson, Spech Contest, YQCA, Agronomy Day, Poultry Judging Clinic, Opportunities to volunteer, calendar reminders)_
  • 02.15.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Re-enrollment Deadline, Summer Camp/Workshop/Travel Scholarships, Speech Contest Announced, 4-H Photography Themes, YQCA training, Celebrating N|150, Companion Animal Challenge, Lots of Horse Project News, Agronomy Day at UNL, Poultry Judging Clinic, CWF, Volunteer Opps, Calendars, Extension Office Closed Monday for President's Day)
  • 02.08,2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Re-enrollment deadline March 15, 4-H year-long calendar, DNA envelopes ready, YQCA training sessions, Horse Judging School, Agronomy Day opportunity, Poultry Judging Clinic, CWF, Volunteer Opportunites for Cass County 4-H, NE Nebr Horse Show, calendars)
  • 02.01.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Cass County 4-H Year-long calendar, DNA envelopes here, Trip to Washington D.C., Opportunities for volunteers, Face-to-Face Training for YQCA, KUDOS, Robotics Team Presentation, Scholarship Opportunities for Seniors, National event for Shooting Sports, Horse Project News, Poultry Project News, Day Camp is back, Three calendars)
  • 01.25.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Special Garden Seed Deadline, Native Bee teen app deadline, 4-H Day Camp is back!, 2019 Cass County 4-H Calendar, Shooting Sports, Assistant Fair Superintendents, Hippology course, N|150, Companion Animal Volunteer, calendars)
  • 01.18.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (4-H Council Meeting, new members seeking clubs, 2 new assistant superintendents, Dog leader, bee opportunity for 1 to 2 Cass County teens, Red Okra, Local Scholarships, Computer Science workshop, 4-Hers who cook, Women in Ag, Beekeeping, NAYI, Open House at UNL Ag, Big Red Camp, N|150, three KUDOS, Volunteers for Companion Animal committee, calendars)
  • 01.11.2019 4-H Friday News Blast (Clubs accepting new members, 4-H dog leader, revisions in awards, cooking with Clover Kids, Re-enroll, 4-H Council Mtg, Jan 31st Deadline for Special Garden Seeds, David Knabe Memorial Scholarship, Horse Stampede, Shooting Sports, Computer Science Summer Workshop, 4-Hers who cook, NAYI, Women in Ag, Beekeeping, Big Red Summer Camps, KUDOS, calendars)
  • 01-04-19 4-H Friday News Blast (New and Revised Awards & Recognition Opportunities, 4-H Council, Service Projects, UPDATE for Shooting Sports Instructors, Order seeds for Red Pod Okra, Communication, NAYI, Clover Kids resources, 3 calendars)