As caring adults in young children’s lives we play a major role in setting the stage for lifelong learning, discovery and success. Nebraska Extension is committed to providing research-based strategies to help you support the holistic development of the young child in your care.

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Early Childhood

Helping children to feel safe and giving support when dealing with disasters such as wildfire and droughts in simple ways. Here are some resources to help you.
We are committed to working with Adults to support the development of young children in your care. Early Childhood Education Professional Development Programs, Professional Development In-Services Online, CHIME Program, ECHO Program, Children Thrive Outside Challenge, Fit and Healthy Kids
The purpose of the website is to encourage families to engage with their children and use responsive feeding practices during mealtimes—especially now, while many families are spending more time together.
What is Early Childhood? Early Childhood Team (TLC) of Extension Educators is committed to enhancing the capacity of Nebraska’s communities in supporting the healthy growth, development and success of young children. TLC provides research based, responsive, innovative, trusted and easily accessible resources and programming to early childhood professionals and families of children birth to age eight.


We wanted to share that the statewide Co-parenting for Successful Kids program has implemented the following steps to support County offices to protect the health and safety of its employees and our customers.