Co-parenting for Successful Kids Program


We wanted to share that the statewide Co-parenting for Successful Kids program has implemented the following steps to support County offices to protect the health and safety of its employees and our customers.  

  • we are encouraging all co-parents to enroll in the online version of the statewide program
  • we have touched base with partners and stakeholders to encourage their constituents to not walk in to complete classes, or to register
  • we are asking all requests or concerns be funneled to our toll-free line for assistance
  • if we receive a request for an onsite class, participants have been given the following reply and will continue to receive this message:
    • We currently do not have an opening for an in-person class for Nebraska Co-parenting for Successful Kids that will meet your needs in the near future. We offer the course online and you are able to log in and out at any time, day or night with a secure login. The course can be accessed and completed on various electronic devices including tablets, iPads, and smartphones. Here is basic information about our Nebraska Co-parenting for Successful Kids class online in case you decide the online will work for you: Nebraska Extension offers  “Co-Parenting for Successful Kids" course online in English or en Español.  Our online course is approved by the Nebraska Supreme Court as a Basic (Level One) parenting class mandated for parents experiencing separation, custody or divorce. The general registration fee is $50; however, you may be eligible for a reduced fee based on income. We offer a sliding fee ranging from $40 to $20.  You may find more information and a place to pay and register here.  Your time commitment may be about 3 ­- 4 hours and then grading will be complete in 3-5 days.


Co-parents please contact our toll-free number 855-308-8037 (Toll Free) or email for further follow up.