Co-parenting for Successful Kids Program


We wanted to share that the statewide Co-parenting for Successful Kids program has implemented the following steps to support County offices to protect the health and safety of its employees and our customers.

  • We offer the course online and you are able to log in and out at any time, day or night with a secure login. The course can be accessed and completed on various electronic devices including tablets, iPads, and smartphones. Here is basic information about our Nebraska Co-parenting for Successful Kids class online in case you decide the online will work for you: Nebraska Extension offers “Co-Parenting for Successful Kids" course online in English or en Español. Our online course is approved by the Nebraska Supreme Court as a Basic (Level One) parenting class mandated for parents experiencing separation, custody or divorce. The general registration fee is $50; however, you may be eligible for a reduced fee based on income. We offer a sliding fee ranging from $40 to $20. You may find more information and to register on the Co-Parenting Website. Your time commitment may be about 3 ­- 4 hours and then grading will be complete in 3-5 days.

We have an app for co-parents to complete the course if they have limited access to a device. Co-parents can call 1-855-308-8037 to schedule an appointment to meet with an instructor to take the course or get assistance to download the app. Please see our brochure for more information.

Co-parents please contact our toll-free number 855-308-8037 (Toll Free) or email for further follow up.