School Educational Programs

What are School Education Programs?

These programs are learning experiences offered to students during school hours by local 4-H educators. These programs are designed to enhance the subject matter being studied in the classroom, provide hands-on education, introduce a new topic to students, or spark a new interest!

School Education Programs are a great way to connect and collaborate with your local Extension office and achieve your classroom’s educational goals. Our current programs focus on Career Development, STEM, Healthy Lifestyles, Personal Development and Agricultural Literacy and Environment.

If you do not see what you need, we would love to meet with you to discuss your classroom’s educational goals. We look forward to working with you and your students!

NOTE: Teachers or staff members must remain in the classroom with students during all programming.

To register for the classes:

  1. Click on the desired program below.
  2. Fill out the form online for each requested program.
  3. 4-H staff will contact the teachers by e-mail to confirm dates and times.
  4. An invoice will be sent to you after confirmation of all programs.

Career & Personal Development:

STEM & Careers:

Agriculture & Environment:

Healthy Lifestyles:

Expanded Learning OpportunitiesThe following are full-day programs to provide students with an in-depth learning experience.

Note: This content is a "work in progress" as we build, expand, and improve our programming throughout the year. If you have a need that we can help with that you do not see, let the 4-H staff know. We would be glad to assist!