Scotts Bluff County 4-H Holds Achievement Celebration

Scotts Bluff County 4-H held their annual Achievement Celebration on Sunday, October 23, 2022, at the University of Nebraska’s Panhandle Research, Extension and Education Center. The event is to celebrate the end of a successful 4-H year and to award and honor volunteers, leaders, and 4-H members and to elect the 4-H Council for 2023.

The 4-H Council, in collaboration with Extension staff, determines the needs of 4-H youth in Scotts Bluff County and the best way to meet them. This is done through program planning, policy making, resource development, linkages within the program and in the community, and accountability. The volunteers who serve on the 4-H Council take on the roles and tasks to ensure that this 4-H program empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults. 

As per the Constitution and By-Laws of the 4-H Council, officers are elected by ballot at the 4-H Achievement event by 4-H membership at large to begin their term in January of the following year.  The 4-H Council members elected for 2023 are:

  • President – Julie Lane (Mitchell)
  • Vice-President – Becky Ulrich (Gering)
  • Secretary – Jenny Bohl (Mitchell)
  • Treasurer – Lindsey Ferguson (Scottsbluff)
  • Youth Representatives – Kathryn Vance (Minatare) and Justin Vance (Minatare)

The Outstanding 4-H Member Award is the highest award a member can receive and is based on their activities and accomplishments in 4-H.  One award is presented each year to a 4-H member who is 16 to 18 years of age by January 1 of the current year.  The recipient receives a plaque and a $250 college scholarship. This award was presented to Kathryn Vance (Minatare).

The “I Dare You” Leadership Award was first offered to young people in the United States in 1941 by William H. Danforth, founder of the Ralston Purina Company. He dared young people to achieve their highest potential and to influence others through lives of leadership and service. The I Dare You Award recognizes those who, with a little encouragement, are ready to see themselves as leaders—young adults who are ready to take the dare. Qualifying 4- H members are 16 to 18 years old by January 1 of the current year and have demonstrated personal integrity, lead well-rounded lives and possess a willingness to assume responsibility. They do not need to hold leadership positions currently but their peers and adults who work with them recognize them as emerging leaders. Recipients receive an award and a $200 college scholarship.

The recipients of the I Dare You Award for 2022 are:

  • Danika Bohl (Mitchell)
  • Sydney Huckfeldt (Gering)
  • Lily Krahulik (Morrill) 

The 4-H Achievement Application is the annual record-keeping system used by Nebraska Youth. It is a composite of all 4-H and non-4-H projects and activities throughout the individual’s 4-H career. Completing project record books and the Achievement Application is one of the most important components of 4-H because knowing how to keep proper records and organize those records is a very important life skill to learn. Junior Level awards are for members ages 8-14. Senior Level awards are for members ages 15-18.

Junior Achievement Application awards were presented to:

  • Corbin Anderson (Mitchell)
  • Brock Bolinger (Minatare)
  • Claire Bolinger (Minatare)
  • Mattie Brown (Scottsbluff)
  • Brooklyn Creech (Mitchell)
  • Hunter Creech (Mitchell)
  • Lillian Debus (Morrill)
  • Dillon Ferguson (Scottsbluff)
  • Sheridan Ferguson (Scottsbluff)
  • Bryson Gaul (Morrill)
  • Emily Knouse (Melbeta)
  • Elise Knouse (Melbeta)
  • Bella McConville (Scottsbluff)
  • Wyatt McConville (Scottsbluff)
  • Hadley Mckeehan (Scottsbluff)
  • Mariella Myers (Gering)
  • Jonathan Palomo (Scottsbluff)
  • Brecken Ricker (Yoder, Wyoming)   
  • Riley Ricker (Yoder, Wyoming)   
  • Morgan Smith (Mitchell)
  • Evelyn Stobel (Gering)
  • Tobin Stobel (Gering)
  • Justin Vance (Minatare)
  • Jake Wilkinson (Morrill)

With the Achievement Application form, senior division members are eligible to submit an application to win a trip to represent Nebraska 4-H at National 4-H Congress, in Atlanta, Georgia or National 4-H Conference in Washington DC. National 4-H Congress is one of the premiere experiences for 4-H members. A mix of educational, service and recreational opportunities, National 4-H Congress provides a life-changing experience for youth to meet other 4-H members from across America as they participate in educational workshops focusing on diversity, cultural experiences, leadership, and team development. On Thanksgiving weekend, more than 1,000 delegates from throughout the United States and its territories will gather in Atlanta to participate in National 4-H Congress.

Senior Achievement Application Awards were presented to: 

  • Gabriella Anderson (Mitchell)
  • Kathryn Vance (Minatare)
  • Justine Wilkinson (Morrill)

The overall portfolio award recognizes two members at each level who have done an outstanding job in documenting their 4-H career. These members receive certificates and cash awards of $50 for first place and $25 for second place.

First place Junior Overall: Brooklyn Creech (Mitchell)

Second place Junior Overall: Brecken Ricker (Yoder, Wyoming)   

First place Senior Overall: Justine Wilkinson (Morrill)

Second place Senior Overall: Kathryn Vance (Minatare)

The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program is designed to encourage 4-H youth to engage in a variety of projects and activities that will enable members to acquire the life skills necessary to lead successful lives as competent, caring and contributing citizens.  The program’s overall goal is to provide 4-H members a rich and diverse learning experience. The program consists of six levels that require a 4-H member to plan and report a broad range of age-appropriate accomplishments.  The program is designed to enable every 4-H member willing to exert the effort an opportunity to be recognized, regardless of how they are involved in 4-H.

Level 1 – Amethyst Clover is designed for youth ages 8-9.  To achieve this level 4-Hers must report to at least three accomplishments such as learn the 4-H pledge, motto, and colors; attend a 4-H camp or workshop; try one new thing; or bring a friend to a 4-H meeting or activity. Amethyst Clover pins were presented to:

  • Corbin Anderson (Mitchell)
  • Summer Banghart (Morrill)
  • Lillian Debus (Morrill)
  • Dillon Ferguson (Scottsbluff)
  • Caylie Garcia (Morrill)
  • Bryson Gaul (Morrill)
  • Hadley Mckeehan (Scottsbluff)
  • Jonathan Palomo (Scottsbluff)
  • Conner Walker (Mitchell)

Level 2 – The Aquamarine Clover is anticipated for members 10–11-year-old and they must complete at least four accomplishments.  With each level, the accomplishments build upon one other. A few examples of level 2 accomplishments are competed in a local 4-H contest; participate in a service-learning project; and help with a 4-H promotion. Aquamarine Clover pin presented to:

  • Mattie Brown (Scottsbluff)
  • Brooklyn Creech (Mitchell)
  • Haley Davison (Gering)
  • Paityn Heine (Scottsbluff)
  • Bella McConville (Scottsbluff)
  • Madi Murphy (Morrill)
  • Mariella Myers (Gering)
  • Brecken Ricker (Yoder, Wyoming)
  • Riley Ricker (Yoder, Wyoming)
  • Alyksandra Simons (Minatare)
  • Katelyn Walker (Mitchell)

Level 3 – Ruby Clover seekers need to report to at least five accomplishments, which are designed for youth ages 12-13.  In level 3, 4-Hers are encouraged to experience not only local 4-H activities but branch out into regional and state events such as PASE Life Challenge competitions in Lincoln or State Fair.  They also can participate in a communications event or complete a new project. Ruby Clover pins were presented to:

  • Hunter Creech (Mitchell)
  • Kayla Davison (Gering)
  • Dalton Gass (Scottsbluff)

 Level 4 – Sapphire Clover winners must accomplish at least six requirements that challenge 4-Hers to move from participation to taking an active leadership role in their 4-H program.  Sapphire clovers can serve as a 4-H officer or committee chair, provide leadership for a service-learning project, help a younger 4-Her with their project, or serve as a volunteer at a 4-H event. Sapphire Clover pins were presented to:

  • Justin Vance (Minatare)

 Level 5 – Emerald Clover winners must accomplish at least seven requirements that require more 4-H event involvement and evidence of high leadership skills. Emerald Clover pins were presented to:

  • No participants this year

 Level 6 – Diamond Clover winners need to report at least 8 accomplishments. Some of the activities include serve in a leadership role assist with a 4-H promotion or complete a career exploration activity. Diamond Clover pins were presented to:

  • Kathryn Vance (Minatare)

The appearance of animals at the county fair is the first impression the public has of 4-H and the livestock industry. The focus of good herdsmanship is teamwork, showing pride in their animal exhibits, and learning to pick-up and take care of the area. Herdsmanship also includes proper care of animals, making sure there is enough water, and the pens are clean. Herdsmanship awards are given to individual 4-H members for excelling in these efforts each day during fair. 

2022 County Fair Large Animal Herdsmanship
Beef Monday Dillon Russell
Tuesday Brittyn Murphy-Kilthau
Wednesday Cara Schlothauer
Thursday Armstrong Family
Friday Justine Wilkinson & Mattie Brown
Meat Goat Monday Peterson Family
Tuesday Tayten Wycoff
Wednesday Tayten Wycoff
Thursday Lyndie Fillingham
Friday Eli Allen
Sheep Monday Cooper Dudden
Tuesday Addison Reuter
Wednesday Lane Peak
Thursday Elliana Dobry
Friday Taylor Engel
Swine Monday Colten Schmer
Tuesday Blaike Conklin
Wednesday Tyler Butcher
Thursday Berkley Smith
Friday Ramirez Family

The Tom Holman Spirit of 4-H Award is to honor the memory of Tom Holman, long-time Extension Educator in Scotts Bluff County. It is given to 4-H members who have tried a variety of projects, have really practiced that they learn by doing and show a true spirit of the 4-H program. This award was presented to Haley Davison (Gering).

The New Horizons 4-H Award is given to a young volunteer who is a recent 4-H alumni. 4-H has made an impact on their lives, so they have decided to give back to the program as volunteers and are already making a difference in the 4-H program. The New Horizons award was presented to Ben and Sara Treffer (Scottsbluff).

Leaders are the foundation of the 4-H program. Leaders teach many important life skills, help youth learn by doing, voluntarily give of their caring and kind words and provide opportunities to succeed and fail in a safe environment. Special pins are awarded in five-year intervals to volunteers who continue to be committed to the 4-H Program. Receiving pins this year:

Five Years - Silver Pin

  • Jeana Allen-Linton
  • Mirka Anguiano
  • Michael Clement
  • DJ Heine
  • Jeremy Jacobs
  • Ryan Kumm
  • Samuel Mark
  • Chris Wiedeman 

Ten Years - Gold Pin

  • Mandy Brannan
  • Jason Wilkinson

Fifteen Years - Pearl Pin

  • Mark Schmidt

Thirty-five Years - Emerald Pin

  • Val Baker
  • Brad Linton
  • Wendi Callenius

The Leader of the Year Award recognizes an enrolled 4-H volunteer leader. This person or persons may be a club leader, project leader, special interest leader, community leader or a resource leader. Patty Pittman (Morrill) was recognized as 4-H Leader of the Year for all her time, hard work, contributions, and support as a 4-H leader in the Just Kidding Around Club.

The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes outstanding volunteers whose unselfish and dedicated service made a significant contribution to the 4-H program. The recipient does not need to be an enrolled 4-H volunteer leader. This award was presented to Jenny Bohl (Mitchell) for her outstanding support of the 4-H shooting sports program, and council member.

The Friend of 4-H Award recognizes someone who has been a true friend in providing significant support to the 4-H program. Friend of 4-H Awards was presented to Farm Bureau of Scotts Bluff County.

Clover Kids, first year 4-H members and graduating senior 4-H members were also recognized. Clover Kids are 4-Hers who are 5 to 7 years old and who participate in hands-on activities designed to build many different skills. This is a strictly non-competitive program with the emphasis on fun and learning.

Scotts Bluff County 4-H would like to thank the 4-H Achievement Committee: Julie Lane, Laurie Zitterkopf, Jenny Bohl, Becky Ulrich, Nathan Rice Extension Educator, Stephanie Connelly 4-H Assistant for their work to make this event happen. Special thanks also to Paul Callenius for serving as the emcee for the program.