Scotts Bluff County NE 4-H Fair

2024 Scotts Bluff County Fair

Saturday July 27 - Sunday August 4, 2024


Junior Livestock Sale Letter to Buyers

2023 Scotts Bluff County Fair 4-H Stall Map

Just bring your pigs to the scale at the livestock barn as you wish between 8am and 10am on Sunday, July 30!

Herdsmanship Info

Herdsmanship will be individual awards again this year. Superintendents of each animal species will monitor the barn throughout the day and take note of youth that are going above and beyond to maintain their animal’s well being, helping other 4-Her’s, and keeping the barn clean. Each evening superintendents will select one 4-H member from Each animal species (Beef, Swine, Sheep, and Goats) to win that day’s award. The award will be hung on the youths’ pens for them to find the next day and the results will be shared out on the barn board.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the extension office.

Scotts Bluff County Livestock Text Message!

Many schools and other organizations are using Remind to keep in contact with parents.  We will continue to use Remind to send important livestock updates, daily barn announcements, and information for SBC 4-H Livestock. You can also text questions to staff and superintendents through this system.  Please click on the link below to join our group. (For reference, our class code is @sbc4hani2.)
 Thanks for joining!

 P.S. Remind is a free, safe, and easy way for me to reach you with important information. You can choose to receive notifications by text, email, or the app. Having trouble? Contact the office at 308-632-1480. 

2023 Scotts Bluff County Fair Book

General Rules & Safety (4pgs)

4-H & FFA Schedule of Events (3pgs)

Scotts Bluff County FFA (5pgs)

2023 4-H Award Sponsors

Clover Kid (2pgs)

Club Display, Banners, Posters, Communications, Scrapbook 3pgs

Photography 5pgs

Clothing 7pgs

Fashion Show 3pgs

Quilt Quest 3pgs

Knitting & Crochet 2 pgs

Table Setting Contest 1pg

Attention Shoppers, Shopping in Style 2pgs

Making Cents of It, My Financial Future 2pgs

Heritage 2pgs

Design My Place, Design Decisions, Heirloom Treasures 4 pgs

Visual Arts 2pgs

Human Development 2pgs

Conservation & Wildlife: Wildlife, Outdoor Adventure, Taxidermy 6pgs

Entomology 2pgs

Forestry 5pgs

Shooting Sports 7pgs

Food Nutrition & Preservation 6pgs

Cake Decorating  2pgs

Decorated Cookie Jar Auction 1pg

Safety 3pgs

Citizenship, Seeing i2i 3pgs

You Design it, Entrepreneurship, School Enrichment 3pgs

Field Crops, Special Agronomy Project, Weed Science 5pgs

Floriculture, Houseplants, Special Garden 4pgs

Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Special Agromony  4pgs

Range Management 2pgs

Aerospace, Computers, Robotics 7pgs

Electricity, Geospatial  4pgs

Small Engine, Energy, Woodworking, Welding 6pgs

Veterinary Science  2pgs

Animal Science

2023 Animal Exhibitor Handbook

General Livestock Rules (5pgs)

Large & Small Animal Round Robins (1pg)

4-H Beef (4pgs)

4-H Swine (2pgs)

4-H Sheep (2pgs)

4-H Meat Goat (2pgs)

4-H Dairy Goat (2pgs)

4-H Fiber Animal (2pgs)

4-H Horse (3pgs)

4-H Poultry (3pgs)

4-H Rabbit (4pgs)

4-H Companion Animal (2pgs)

4-H Dog (5pgs)

2024 Scotts Bluff County 4-H Important DeadlinesPre-Fair Entry Forms

The Online Fair Entries are available at to enter.  Check the "I am a new exhibitor or have yet to register this year.",  entries are due July 10, 2024. Contact the Extension Office if you have questions or issues.

2023 Scotts Bluff County Fair 4-H Award Recipients and Award Sponsors

Scotts Bluff County Livestock Drug Affidavit (must be turned in at fair weigh-in)

Scotts Bluff County Fair Drug Waiver (must be turned in at fair weigh-in)

Remember, we at the Nebraska Extension Office are here to help you.
If you ever have any questions about your projects or deadlines, please contact us at 632-1480!

County Fair Animal Ownership Affidavits

Livestock ID Sheets are due into the extension office June 1st.

   Breeding Beef
   Bucket Calf
   Feeder Calf 
   Market Beef

Fiber Animal

   Breeding Doe 
   Market Goat
   Dairy Goat



   Breeding Sheep
   Market Lamb

   Market Swine (draw notches)
   Market Swine (write notches)
   Breeding Swine