Enrollment Information

Youth Enrollment  

To Enroll visit: http://v2.4honline.com . Use your same login information you used in the previous year.

Instructions for enrollment:

If you have questions about the process or need access to a computer, call our office at 402-624-8030 or e-mail saunders-county@unl.edu

Enrollment Fee

Youth pay enrollment fee once per year. This enrollment fee doesn't include club fees, camp fees, workshop fees, etc.  This may be paid thru the 4-H online system via credit card or my check or cash in our office.

  • 4-H Age: 8 Years - 18 Years Old  (Age as of December 31)  = $10 / member
  • "Clover Kids" 5 Years - 7 Years Old (Age as of December 31) :  = $5 / member

Deadline for all Enrollments is June 15th each year but the sooner the better!!

The 4-H year is Oct. 1–Sept. 30, all 4-H members and volunteers must re-enroll each 4-H year. New members and fair projects may be updated through June 15.

The process is easy and only takes a few minutes per member or volunteer. Only parents/guardians may enroll 4-H members. Each 4-H household will need to initially set up a profile in which the 4-H youth and/or volunteers in the household will be added. 

NOTE: Health information is optional, however the allergy section is required. You DO NOT need to complete the health information of the online form unless your child is planning to attend an overnight camp or campus event.

PROJECTSStarting in the 2023-2024 program year, project selection is now optional. By successfully completing the 4-H member enrollment by the June 15th deadline, youth will be eligible to participate and exhibit in any project area, contest, county and state fairs. While project selection is optional, it is encouraged for youth to select projects they are interested in exploring.   

Please Note:
*Youth are only eligible to exhibit in a project area or contest in a single county.
*Youth involved in horse or shooting sports will need to select a project due to the parental consent required to participate in these projects.
*All 4-H youth and volunteers participating in shooting sports must be enrolled in 4-H Online before participating in practices.

You will also notice that project selection has been simplified. Instead of over 200 projects, you will find approximately 50. (For example: Market Beef, Breeding Beef, Feeder Calf and Bucket Calf are now all included under "Beef" and Design My Place, Preserving Heirlooms and Design Decisions are now all included under "Home Design & Restoration") We are hoping these two changes will make enrolling in 4-H easier!  Find the complete list of projects here.  Please call us if you have any questions!

Club Selection:  You may select as many clubs as you wish to be involved in, but must select as least one.

INDEPENDENT MEMBERS: 4-H members enrolling as independent need to select “Independent Family Club” under “club.”
FFA MEMBERS: FFA members need to select "FFA" under "club."

**PLEASE NOTE: this IS NOT the same thing as the Saunders County Fair Pre-entry. That is a separate process that is open in May and due by July 1st. 

 Volunteer/Leader Enrollment

Saunders County 4-H would not be possible without the guidance and support of our great volunteers.
Please visit here to find out more about being a 4-H volunteer or contact our office with any questions. 
NEW Volunteers: You must Enroll as a volunteer and complete a background check through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and are screened on the Nebraska Sex Offendor Registry. 

Existing VOLUNTEERS: 4-H leaders and volunteers need to re-enroll every year.

4-H club organizational leaders are now able to view their 4-H club's roster online, but must be enrolled for the curent year and must contract Extension to get the password.

Steps to enroll as a volunteer:

Adults who wish to become a 4-H Volunteer/Leader must follow the steps listed below.

  • 4-H Adult Volunteer Enrollment is not complete until steps above are submitted and a passed Central Registry Check is received by Nebraska Extension-Saunders County.

We are happy to assist if you have questions about this process. If you have questions, contact our office at 402-624-8030 or e-mail saunders-county@unl.edu.

Shooting Sports Resources   Interested in becoming a Shooting Sports or Archery Instructor? **Scholarships available from Saunders County 4-H Council for adults interested in becoming Shooting Sports Leaders. Contact us for more information.