School Enrichment and Afterschool programs

Available for your homeschool, afterschool, or in-school programming! 

Looking for exciting activities to enhance your current curriculum? 4-H School  Enrichment, as delivered through the Nebraska Extension, offers experiential learning programs aligned with the Nebraska State Board of Education Content Area Standards in the areas of English language arts, mathematics, and science. 

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Embryology- Available to grades K-12.

Embryology is the study of embryos and their development. Students learn about embryonic development and the life cycle during the 21-day incubation process of chicken eggs. They care for the eggs, witness the hatching process and then care for the baby chicks. Saunders County 4-H coordinates Embryology 4-H school enrichment program locally, delivering supplies and teaching in the classrooms. 

STEM Backpacks!

We offer FREE backpacks containing a STEM activity and books for a 14 day checkout. 

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