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Staying Connected During Tough Times

Resources for Nebraska Farmers, Ranchers, and Their Families

Flooding in Nebraska (flood.unl.edu)

Following a flood, there are extensive questions and uncertainty. Nebraska Extension compiled flood-related resources for families and individuals; homeowners; businesses and communities; and agriculture from field management to livestock mortality.

Disaster Assistance - Disaster Relief Fund

Nebraska Farm Bureau provides assistance through available resources such as Disaster Relief Funds and an Agriculture Disaster Exchange for people hit by a natural disaster.

Livestock Assistance

Article of interest: BeefWatch article (see link below) "Is Creep Feeding Beef Calves Profitable?" by Matt Stockton and Devin Broadhead

The article walks through the economics of creep feeding and a calculator available to help determine the cost. Interviews with the authors of BeefWatch newsletter articles become available throughout the month of publication and are accessible at https://go.unl.edu/podcast.



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Project helps young flood survivors heal through reading
Jul 19 – A new project at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is helping young flood survivors heal — page by page, story by story. Read more
Extension offers tips on handling cattle in hot weather
Jul 16 – As a summer heat wave descends on the Midwest, Nebraska Extension is urging producers to help reduce stress on cattle during hot weather. Read more