Dear Saunders County 4-H Volunteer,

Thank you for your service as a 4-H Volunteer! We want to share some new resources to help support your role as a 4-H volunteer.

Check out the new Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Training resources at You will find a series with short videos about Positive Youth Development, Volunteer Roles and Risk Management that apply to all volunteer roles.

4-H Community Club Leader (, videos focus on the new community 4-H leader, youth safety, 4-H club financials, club meeting how-to, creating an engaging and encouraging environment, providing opportunities for youth engagement, creating learning opportunities for youth and 4-H in the community. Each video is supported by a variety of additional resources for use in your volunteer role.

The site will be updated regularly with more information.

Addtional Club Meeting Resources: - Scroll down to 'Club Meeting How-To' section.
Resources include 4-H club officer & duties infromation as well as guides for each office.

Club & Leader Resources


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