Livestock/Animal News for Otoe County 4-H members:

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA)

All 4-H members enrolled in the beef, dairy goat, meat goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep and swine projects must complete this each year by June 15th.  You can complete your on-line training anytime between now and June 15th.  Here are more detailed instructions:

Before beginning the YQCA, you MUST be enrolled in Otoe County 4-H for 2018. After you are enrolled and approved here are the steps to complete the Quality Assurance:

1)   Go to

2)   On the left side of screen, you will see 4-H Online Sign In.  Click on Sign in with 4HOnline (blue bar)

3)   In drop down menu, select Nebraska 4-H Youth Development and click on Select Organization (blue bar)

4)   On the login screen, you will use your FAMILY 4HOnline email and password to log in. 

5)   Next, you will see a drop down box with active family members.  Select family member’s name and click Select member.

6)   Click on the appropriate course

7)   Click on Purchase Course (red bar)

8)   Select payment method and pay with credit card

Premise ID required for all animals with an EID tag

New in 2017 is that all animals that have and EID tag (beef, swine, sheep and goats) are required to have a Premises ID number through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. 

Exhibitors of 4-H beef, swine, sheep and goats that carry an EID tag will be required to obtain a Premises ID number through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at no cost to the exhibitor.  Premise ID is by the location of where the animal is located - so whomever owns the property where the 4-H animal is located is who must obtain the Premise ID.  That Premise ID must then be reported to the local county Extension Office where the 4-H animal will be shown.

Premises Identification (Premises ID), along with Electronic Identification (EID), are important steps in tracking where animals are raised, marketed, and exhibited in order to rapidly respond to any animal disease events.

Steps for Obtaining a Premises ID:

1 ) Set up account with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture by email or phone

  1. Ross Baker:
  2. Jean Gibson:
  3. Call 402-472-2351 and ask for Premises ID information

2) Provide the following:

  1. Name of the individual owner of the location 
  2. Address (post office address)
  3. Address (street or 911 address)
  4. Phone number of the owner

3) A Premises ID will be assigned

If you believe you the location already has a Premises ID on file, call 402-471-2351 and ask for Premises ID information and they will be able to look it up by the above information also.

Beef Shows at Otoe County Fair are Blow and Go

The Otoe County 4-H Council voted at its January 2017 meeting to change to “Blow and Go” for the 2017 Otoe County Fair.  The 4-H Beef Shows including Showmanship, Market Beef and Breeding Beef will be Blow and Go.  Guidelines for the Blow and Go include:

  1. Beef animals may be clipped, blown and brushed or combed to enhance their appearance.
  2. Alcohol, water, oil, foam or any water- or alcohol-based products with no adhesive or   glue qualities, or artificial colorings are permitted.  These products include conditioners and commonly used sprays such as Kleen Sheen, Revive, Final Bloom and white show foam.  Paint will be allowed on the hooves and dewclaws only.
  3. Beef animals will be shown free of any adhesive, glue, paint, or powder products.
  4. Any compounds that have adhesive qualities that when applied cannot be combed or brushed through or alter the color of the animal are forbidden.  These products include, but are not limited to commonly used adhesives and colorants such as Prime Time, EZ Comb, Tail Adhesive, Ultra White Touch Up, Black Touch Up, Black Finisher and black show foam.

Youth Livestock Projects and the VFD Regulation

Effective January 1, 2017, all livestock producers that use antibiotic medicated feeds to prevent, treat or control animal health issues will be required to get a written order or Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) from a Veterinarian to purchase and feed these feeds.  The regulation will only affect antibiotics administered in feed or water for livestock.

Antibiotics are important to both human medicine and animal health, to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance in both areas; producer must follow the FDA Approved Labels.  These labels determine what animal health issues can be treated with that specific antibiotic, dosage and proper administration.

The first step youth producers should take is to develop a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship by visiting with their veterinarian.  Within this discussion, producers need to review their herd/flock health plan and evaluate vaccinations and treatment plans for the animals they care for.  If you determine that medicated feeds should be used, plan on how to acquire a VFD Order from the veterinarian. 

Copies of the VFD must go to you and your feed supplier/dealer before you can purchase or feed these feeds.  Youth Livestock Participants may visit with their feed supplier/dealer to plan a nutrition/feed program prior to getting their project animals to discuss if medicated feeds should be used and if a VFD is required.

For more information visit the Nebraska BQA VFD Webpage at:   Or Contact Rob Eirich, Extension Educator/Director of Beef Quality Assurance via email at:

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