Canning Salsa Safely

  • Salsas are a great addition to the home canners arsenal. Unfortunately, improperly canned salsas have been implicated in more than one outbreak of botulism poisoning. Those outbreaks have been tied to cooks making up their own recipes or unsafe changes in tested recipes. With over fifty lab tested recipes, from reputable sources to choose from, most canners should be able to find a recipe that fits their tastes. If not, consider eating fresh or freezing your salsa for up to one year.

Check out ‘Burning Issue: Canning Your Own Salsa Recipe’ at:

For information on home canned salsa ingredients and recipes, check out:  #UNLFoodSafety


  • Liquid Loss in Canning
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    • A frequently asked food preservation question is what causes liquid to be lost from the jar during processing? And is that product safe when it occurs?

There are many reasons why liquid loss can occur in food preservation, check out for causes and possible solutions if you are experiencing this in your home canned goods.

The National Center for Home Food Preservation assures us: “If all processing variables are accurate, less than half of the liquid is lost and the jars have sealed, do not open to replace the liquid. Use those jars first. If more than half of the liquid in the jar is lost, the food may not be adequately processed. In this situation, break the seal, refrigerate the jars, and use within 2 to 3 days.” #UNLFoodSafety

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