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Steve Melvin, Irrigated Cropping Systems Extension Educator

Nebraska Extension has Many Resources to Help Deal with Flooding

Nebraska Extension has many online and printed resources to help you deal with flood damage on the Nebraska Extension disaster web site (https://disaster.unl.edu/). You are also welcome to call the Merrick County Extension Office at 308-946-3843.

Your health and well-being matter

Horse ID Sheet due May 1 for District and State- June 14 for County level           For more info   Horse.unl.edu

ALL Livestock ID Sheets due June 15th by 11:59 p.m.

Dairy Cattle ID Sheet due June 15th

Dairy Goat ID Sheet due June 15th

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Merrick County Youth & Agriculture Education Center 


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Family Membership (please return to the Merrick County Extension Office)

If you need assistance, there is internet and a computer available at the Extension Office located in the new building.  Or call 308-946-3843.

Merrick County: Breaking New Ground Campaign

Our goal is to raise $2,312,500

Contractor: Rathmann-Manning Corporation of Chapman, Ne
Architect: Joseph R. Hewgley & Associates, Inc., North Platte, Ne

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Digital Agriculture Team launches new "FarmBits" podcast

September 21, 2020
The digital agriculture revolution is constantly presenting growers with new technology offering improvements in efficiency, sustainability, or profit on the farm, but making sense of new technologies can be challenging.

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