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Merrick County Youth & Agriculture Education Center 


Rental Rates

Reservation System 

Calendar If the word "pending" is in front of the name, this means we are awaiting a contract and payment.

Family Membership (please return to the Merrick County Extension Office or email

If you need assistance, there is internet and a computer available at the Extension Office located in the new building.  Or call 308-946-3843.

Facts to Know........

All building reservations are booked on-line. Each request is time-stamped so we know who was first if dual requests come in.

There is an on-line calendar to check out who is using which rooms when. 

  • The Conference room seats over 60 comfortably theater style and 45 people at tables. There are 11 6ft tables. The room is currently rented for $100/day, and $30 for each additional continuous day. The Conference room is 29’ x 47’ and has a serving window into the kitchen.
  • The Indoor Arena is 250' x 150' wall to wall. It is heated with radiant heat. There are two restrooms available for the arena user. This rents for $500/day with $250 for additional continuous days. A family can buy a yearly family membership to use the arena for $450.
  • The Education Room is approximately 70' wide and 120' long. There are 48 8 ft tables and 326 chairs available in the tables/chairs closet. The room can easily seat 500, and still has some room for a dance floor or display tables. This room is rented for $500, and $50 each additional day.
  • The Kitchen is set up to serve into every room. The kitchen must be requested when asking to use a room, it does not automatically come with another room. Every outlet is on its own circuit to allow for roasters all around the kitchen to assist those who cater out of here. The kitchen rents for $150 per day by itself or may be added to any room for serving $25 or preparing $100
  • Internet is available upon request (must give 5 days notice if needed)