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Cover the pile. Cover the silage pile with plastic.

The time and money spent on chopping silage for feed does not go unnoticed. But if the pile isn’t covered, the loss of feed will be noticeable. Even after the silage is packed correctly, air and water can penetrate the outer layers and severely damage the quality and quantity of silage. Additionally, molds, mycotoxins, and fungi have a prime place to grow in uncovered silage.

Stormy conditions have impacted crop fields across the state recently. With the potential for severe weather with us until the end of summer, what impact do strong storms and hail have on your alfalfa crop?

Strong storms, especially those that bring hail events, have the potential to completely strip and lodge alfalfa fields depending on their severity.  The actual impact will vary depending on damage done, but alfalfa due to its growth form is particularly vulnerable to hail damage.  Because alfalfa plants grow from the terminal or highest potion of the plant, any damage or defoliation can result in terminated growth and the plant having to start growth again from new shoots.

Dry conditions mean lower pasture production and difficult decisions ahead for producers.  One option to consider is providing supplemental feed to stretch a pasture’s use.  Can this management strategy save your pasture during a drought?

Cattle on drought impacted pasture face the double hit of low amounts of available forage as plants stop growth, and low quality as plants pull back nutrients in an effort to make it through tough times.  In these conditions where plants have essentially gone dormant, a little excess grazing than what is normal can be tolerated

We’ve been talking drought the past couple of weeks, but recently across Nebraska we have had some heavy rains. So what does that mean for hay that you recently cut that may have gotten rained on? Do you bale it wetter than normal to save quality or wait?
With the current restrictions in place throughout our region, we have decided this year to replace our face-to-face 4-H Workshops Virtual 4-H Projects.

“I don’t like this!” This statement is one that children or youth might use during a heated game, when being asked to correct unwanted behavior or when plans change.  For those children and youth who were looking forward to milestones like field days, end of school year celebrations, prom, or graduation, they have reason to believe that life can be sad, frustrating, and difficult.

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4-H Speech Contest announces Grand and Reserve results

June 4, 2023
Fifteen 4-H youth gathered for the Scotts Bluff County Speech Contest on June 1, at the UNL Panhandle Research Extension and Education Center in Scottsbluff.

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Tractor safety course teaches students safety and when to say no

June 4, 2023
Nebraska Extension and Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health, held an annual “tractor safety” training course on June 1 at the Legacy of the Plains Museum in Gering.

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Older Tractors Still a Danger in Agriculture

June 1, 2023
Recently a small utility tractor rollover fatality in Southeast Nebraska is a wake-up call to the dangers involved in operating older tractors, without rollover protection.

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Wheat variety trial field tours across Nebraska in June

May 25, 2023
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Crop Performance Testing program will sponsor wheat variety trial field tours in six locations across Nebraska, from Perkins to Banner County, starting June 12 - 15.

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