Student Opportunities

Ag Careers Day

Started in April of 2022, the Haskell Ag Lab has hosted three different career days for local high school students. Students have had the opportunity to learn about three career areas of their choosing from several ag sectors:

  • Ag Business
  • Ag Communications
  • Ag Equipment
  • Ag Instructor
  • Animal Science
  • Crop Consultant
  • Forestry
  • Horticulture
  • Plant Pests
  • Soils & Nutrients
  • Water

In addition, students have the opportunity to visit with a number of higher education institutions to learn about the agricultural programs they offer.

2024 Date TBD (tentatively December)!

CDE Invitationals

In January of 2024, the Haskell Ag Lab hosted an agronomy invitational competition for FFA students who would be participating in the upcoming District Career Development Events (CDEs). CDEs are competitive events that mirror real-world career skills and are organized by the National FFA Organization. The turn out was great! There were 8 schools with 48 students that competed. It was decided to add a few more events for 2024. For questions about signing up or for more information, contact Monty Larson.

For 2025, the staff at Haskell have decided to expand into other areas including:

  • Agronomy
  • Meats Judging
  • Natural Resources

Dates will be announced soon!

Field Trips

Initiated by the teacher bringing the class, field trips can be arranged by contacting the Haskell Ag Lab staff. Some examples of previous field trips include:

  • A sophomore Biology class came to the Haskell Ag Lab for the morning (about 3 hours) to learn about the ecosystem. They were split into groups and rotated through stations to learn about soils with Leslie Johnson, the Northeast Arboretum with Chris Wood, trees in the ecosystem with Todd Stewart, and pollinators with Ian Peterson. Students participated by asking questions and doing some hands-on learning!
  • A Physical Science class visited the Haskell Ag Lab to explore rocketry. The Heartland Organization of Rocketry, or T.H.O.R., provided a learning experience, where the students learned some model rocket basics. They then designed, built, and launched their own rockets.

Meaghan Vollers, a high school science teacher at Laurel Concord Coleridge School, provided some insight about field trips to Haskell Ag Lab: "I highly recommend schools to visit Haskell Ag Lab! The staff have been incredibly helpful in planning and executing learning opportunities. The site lends itself to supporting all areas of science. I have used them to support Physical Science and Biology lessons, but plan to use them for Earth Science and Environmental Science in the future. There are also many resources available for elementary and middle school students. Haskell Ag Lab also has countless opportunities for FFA or Agriscience students to practice and learn new skills."

Contact us to plan a day for your class!