Summer Internships

Summer Internships
Summer Internships Apply Today

12-week Paid Position

Keep yourself busy during the summer through our summer intern program, and bring home the bacon for 3 months. But, this is a limited time offer; students completing sophomore, junior or senior undergraduate year or a graduate student, if allowed by the department, are preferred.

Gain Teaching Experience

Get some teaching under your belt as you plan, execute, and evaluate your own educational program that meets the needs of your community. Develop a variety of communication skills necessary for leadership in teaching, media presentations, recruitment, and personal interactions with diverse audiences.

Earn College Credit

Who doesn't love to double dip? With the Extension Internship program you can work with your department to gain college credit for your internship. Get college credit, while being paid; its a win-win.

Work Across the State

Extension is everywhere with offices in almost every county in Nebraska. Each Spring, locations are determined based on the interests of interns and mentors. You might work in multiple counties or split your appointment between rural and urban.