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What's the SOIL TEMP?

View the soil temperature data at CropWatch Soil Temperature Data. You can also view various soil temperatures, soil moisture, wind, and precipitation measurements on the Nebraska Mesonet Webpage.

Crop Pest Degree Day Info

What are degree days? They are used to measure the growth or development of an insect in reponse to daily temperatures. The minimum and maximum daily temperatures are used to find the daily average. Each insect has a minimum temperature in which development takes place and some have a maximum in which development doesn't take place above that temperature.

Are you interested in degree day calculations for common crop pests? You can view them by clicking this link! Be sure to choose the state you'd like to view and then click "Switch State". You can then use the drop down list at the right to select a town that you're interested in!

Other Resources:
Light Trap Data
Suction Trap

Suction TrapWhat is a suction trap? In short, it's a large, vertical white tube that has a fan inside to suck insects in from the sky. If you are interested in learning more about the suction trap, you can read about its structure and function at the following links.

Did you know that the Haskell Ag Lab is home to one of USDA's suction traps that is part of a multi-state suction trap network (STN)? The objective of the STN is to monitor aphids of agricultural interest, to detect invasive species, to track the phenology of soybean and Eastern flower thrips (vectors of Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus), and other potential pests of soybean. Please visit the links below to view the data that has been collected and publications produced from the data.

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