Child & Youth Development

We Protect Staff, Volunteers & Youth - Nebraska Chaperone Training is available. It is located at the following site:    Please follow the directions below to access the training.

1. Under Course Categories - Click on 4-H & Youth
2. Scroll down and find:  We Protect Staff, Volunteers & Youth - Nebraska Chaperone Training Course and click on it
3. On the right hand side, find Fill Out the New Account Form and click on Create My New Account.
4. Complete the Create My New Account form, an email will be sent to you with instructions.
5. Follow the directions in the email.
6. The course requires an enrollment key.  The enrollment key is case sensitive:  NECHAP
7. Click on Enroll me in this course.
8. The course will open and should be self-explanatory.  The quiz and certificate are part of the course.

4-H Programs

Secrets of Service on the Job (formerly Character on the Job) - February 4 or 6, 2020

Real World Money  2020 - March 24, 25 (Pender); April 15 - (Madison County Fairgrounds) - CANCELLED FOR THIS YEAR DUE TO CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC


Connecting the Dots:  A Career Exploration Day

Regional Speech Contests - There will no longer be regional contests. The 2020 Contest will be a virtual contest on Wednesday, June 24.  This will be a state wide public speaking contest for intermediate and senior divisions. 

Career Day 2020

Career Day 2020 will be a virtual event this year due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19.  The date for the virtual event remains October 20, 2020. Guidance counselors have been notified of this change. 

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