Graduate Assistantships

Integrated Research/Extension Experience:

  • Will develop a unique integrated research and extension focus area based on an identified need in the state, a region within the state, or specific county that will strengthen Extension’s impact through new program development
  • Nebraska Extension resources (Research & Extension Centers, laboratories, and other facilities) will be available for use by graduate student
  • Advisory committee, when possible, will include an Extension Specialist (who will also serve as a coach/mentor).  You will also be appointed an Extension Educator who will serve as a coach/mentor. 


  • A successful year reflects the following:
    • Positive report from major advisor and/or Dept. Head/Chair
    • Attend three meetings during the year with the Nebraska Extension Associate Dean/Associate Director to discuss overall experience to date and any other items [Spring Semester/Summer/Fall Semester].
    • Visits with mentors/coaches (appointed Specialist and Educator) as determined with advisor.
      • Share experiences that have occurred including successes and opportunities, etc.
      • Obtain support on resources and related logistics including functionality of Extension system
      • Development of an integrated research/extension topic area for transition into a thesis or dissertation project in second year (thesis) or third year (doctorate).
        • Will receive ideas from major professor, mentors/coaches and Associate Deans/Program Leaders (when invited to graduate advisory committee meetings, etc.)
        • Will identify a relevant and related summer project either on the East campus or a potential location at one of the Research and Extension Centers or other off-campus research farms or County Extension Offices.
        • Maintain a 3.00 minimum GPA
        • Receive positive reviews from mentors/coaches
        • A successful first year will lead to second year funding for master’s and additional 3rd year for doctoral students.