2009 NE Regional Speech Results

Senior Speech Results 2009

Order Name Title of Speech County City Placing
1 Taylor Kort  Road to Atlanta Adams Ayr Red
2 Curtis Rubeck CPR for Your Computer Platte Columbus Red
3 Allyson Garcia What does 4-H mean to me? Dodge Fremont Red
4 Katie Peterson Life Skills Dakota Dakota City Blue
5 Daniel Rubeck The Final Speech Platte Columbus Red
6 Erin Oswald 4-H Mindsets Madison Madison Purple-Winner
7 Lydia Gould Photography Dixon Newcastle Red
8 Molly Hermelbracht Do You Bleed Green Thurston Rosalie Purple
9 Cicely Batie The Cure for MTS Dawson Lexington Purple
10 Shalee Lemmon Fear Factor: 4-H Edition Dawes Chadron Purple
11 Mark Keck Bugging You 101 Pierce Plainview Purple
12 Jessica Garcia Yes! It's a Phobia Cuming Walthill Blue
13 Kristen Grant Younger Sibling Syndrome Madison Meadow Grove Blue
14 Toni Niederklein Farewell to 4-H Dodge Fremont Blue
15 Austin Hamm Ethanol & Wind Energy in NE Knox Hartington Blue
16 Kevin Donoghue Honest Abe Platte Columbus Red
17 Amanda Hartman So What Exactly is 4-H Colfax Schuyler Purple
18 Ann Oswald Eight-Cow life Madison Madison Purple-Winner
19 Lukas Fricke To Weed or Not to Weed Butler Ulysses Scratch
20 Kristen Reiman 4-H Olympics Boyd Butte Purple-Winner
22 Kara Reimers Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis Howard Boelus Red
23 Mikayla Vollmer The Amazing 4-H Emblem Dodge Fremont Blue
24 Erinn Baker Experience Valley Ord Purple
25 Elizabeth Boender Discovering the Inside Story Lancaster Hickman Purple-Winner
26 Jessica Stephenson Toon into 4-H Lancaster Bennet Purple
27 Laura Gorecki How to Give a Pig a Bath Howard Farwell Blue

Junior Speech Results 2009

Order Name Title County City Placing
1 Emma Laible The Perfect Cookie Holt Atkinson Purple
2 Alysan Wurdinger Doti Stanton Stanton Blue
3 Asha Scheideler Quackers Valley Scotia Scratch
4 Lexi Ostrand Showing Sheep Thurston Pender Purple
5 Kennedy Morgan Respect the Green Cuming Walthill Purple-Winner
6 Samuel Kolterman 4-H and Record Books Pierce Osmond Blue
7 Avery Edwards My Calf Dodge Fremont Blue
8 Wyatt Hennig Shaved Senseless Thurston Rosalie Purple-Winner
9 Regan Zanardi You Can't Make Me Platte Schuyler Blue
10 Zachary Haburchak A Special Bond Holt Ewing Purple
11 Erika Loseke The Rest of the Story Platte Columbus Blue
12 Brent Miller Go For the Gold! Burt Lyons Blue
13 Lauren Arens 4-H Photography Knox Crofton Blue
14 Michael Borgelt Where's the Beef Cuming Wisner Purple-Winner
15 Megan Reuter What the 4-H pledge Means to Me Madison Norfolk Purple
16 Lila Peterson Great Presidents Dakota Dakota City Purple
17 Josiah Spagnotti Electricity Pioneers Nance Cedar Rapids Purple
18 Ty Hermelbracht My 4-H Book Thurston Rosalie Purple
19 Regan Wiese A 4-H Fairytale Platte Lindsay Purple-Winner
20 Emily Franzluebbers Preparing for a Bucket Calf Show Dodge Dodge Purple
21 Noah Spagnotti Save the '¦ Sheep? Nance Cedar Rapids Purple
22 Brianna Samuelson 4-H Pledge Dixon Wakefield Purple
23 Alexandra Linder Keeping it Green Cuming Oakland Purple
24 Caitlyn Hart Family Bonding Pierce Plainview Purple
25 Sarah Lammers Keep It Green Cedar Hartington Purple
26 Trevor Doffin Grandma's Childhood Stanton Stanton Purple
27 Isabelle Stewart Border Collies Stanton Stanton Purple
28 Sylvia Jager Be a 4-H Energy Star Wayne Wayne Purple
29 Miles Stagemeyer 4-H Economics Holt Page Purple
30 Anna Loberg Living the 4-H Pledge Wayne Wayne Blue
31 Garrison Hazen The 4-H Game Knox Verdigre Purple
32 Heidi Borg I'm a Farm 4-H Kid Dixon Allen Purple
33 Beau Lythgoe How About 4-H? Adams Glenvil Purple
34 Samantha O'Neal 4-H Difficulties Garfield Ord Purple

Intermediate Speech Results 2009

Order Name Title of Speech County City Placing
1 Zachary Doffin Where Are 4-H's Characters? Stanton Stanton Purple
2 Elisabeth Loseke The Grim Ripper Platte Columbus Purple-Winner
3 Rebecca Blank What Strengths can you Build Madison Madison Purple
4 Levi Koenig New Life On The Ranch Holt Ewing Scratch
5 Heidi Miller Going, Going, Gone! Burt Lyons Purple
6 Brittany Hanzlik The 4-H Card Game Holt Stuart Purple-Winner
7 Jaythan Scheideler I Have a Dream Valley Scotia Scratch
8 London Sindelar Shopping in Style Pierce Pierce Purple
9 Jonathan Jahnke Keep the World Green with 4-H Cuming Bancroft Blue
10 Alexis Hamm Man's Best Friend Knox Hartington Purple
11 Paige Remmers Three Years of Showing Howard Boelus Blue
12 Brooke Lodl Friend Food Frenzy Dodge Scribner Blue
13 Levi Roth Levi's Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Fair Boyd Spencer Scratch
14 Molly Burmester Touring the Fair Thurston Pender Scratch
15 Abby Reiman The Skinny On Eating Disorders Holt Chambers Purple
16 Joslynn Roth 4-H Photography - The Reality in my Viewfinder Boyd Spencer Scratch
17 Callie Kolterman The Future with 4-H Pierce Osmond Blue
18 Hannah Borg Ring around the Rosy Dixon Allen Purple
19 Elizabeth Thomas Romeo and Juliet Stanton Stanton Blue
20 Mary Marks 4-H Helps My Dreams Madison Battle Creek Purple
21 Madelyne Jensen My 4-H Family Tree Burt Tekamah Purple-Winner
22 Alexis Arens 4-H Album; the Preservation of Memories Cedar Hartington Blue
23 Catherine Weeder Pride In Our Flag Platte Columbus Purple
24 Courtney Schellpeper Experiences Stanton Stanton Blue
25 Becca Lythgoe The American Quarter Horse Adams Glenvil Purple
26 Emma Loberg Green'¦the new "Black" Wayne Wayne Purple
27 Jaime Stephenson Connecting in the 21st Century Lancaster Bennet Purple-Winner

2009 Senior PSA Results

Name Title County City Placing
Kara Reimers Going Green about 4-H Howard Boelus Red
Katie Brown Going Green BKR Long Pine Blue
Sherry Ruda What is Keeping it Green Boyd Bristow Blue
Robby Loftis Done for Now, but 4-H Green Forever Burt Craig Blue
Josh Bucy Saving Mother Earth Burt Tekamah Purple-Winner
Danielle Schinck Four More Teenagers Burt Craig Purple-Winner
Molly Hermelbracht Add a Little Green To Your Life Thurston Rosalie Blue
Justine Heithoff Come on Down! Antelope Elgin Blue
Jessica Morrison Hey You! Antelope Elgin Red
Brieann Grosserode Pssst You! Antelope Oakdale Blue
Jessica Garcia It's Time Cuming Walthill Purple-Winner
Krista Petersen Ducks in a Row Cuming West Point Purple-Winner
Kristen Grant Green with Envy Madison Meadow Grove Purple

2009 Junior PSA Results

Name Title County City Placing
Libbi Loos 4-H: It's a Wild Ride Sherman Loup City Purple-Winner
Darci Reimers Time is Wasting Howard Boelus Red
Trevor Doffin Hobbies Stanton Stanton Blue
Bryan Peterson Boys in 4-H Stanton Pilger Blue
Mary Ruda Guess What! Boyd Bristow Blue
Katheryn Gregerson Pigs Know Best Burt Herman Purple
Jessica Fleischman Extra, Extra, Read all About It! Burt Herman Blue
Miles Stagemeyer I Want It All Holt Page Red
Travis Halsey Blast Off Holt Chambers Red
Ryan Koenig These Are My People Holt Ewing Red
Megan Coan Going Green Platte Platte Center Blue
MaKayla Coan Go Green Platte Platte Center Blue
Ty Hermelbracht 4-H Wants You Thurston Rosalie Blue
Marie Meis Antelope Elgin Red
Krystal Carr Hey You--Bored? Antelope Neligh Red
Stephanie Sorensen My 4-H World Pierce Plainview Purple-Winner
Alexandra Linder There was an Old Woman Cuming Oakland Purple-Winner
Evan Meiergred Strike it Rich with 4-H Cuming West Point Purple-Winner
Daria Risch Pot of Gold Cuming Snyder Blue

2009 Intermediate PSA's

Name Title County City Placing
Paige Reimers Recycled Projects Howard Boelus Red
Zachary Doffin Empty Cookie Jar Stanton Stanton Red
Elizabeth Thomas Check It Out Stanton Stanton Red
Madelyne Jensen Keeping it Green with 4-H Burt Tekamah Purple-Winner
William Weiland Keep it Green with 4-H! Burt Decatur Red
Levi Koenig Hero Holt Ewing Blue
Andrea Lemmer Land Of The 4-H Green Clover Holt Atkinson Blue
Meagan Carr Wake Up To Another Year Of 4-H Holt Amelia Red
Jasmine Wagner What is the Color Green? Platte Columbus Red
Rachel Sorensen Garden Green with 4-H Pierce Plainview Blue
Jonathan Jahnke Keep the World Green with 4-H Cuming Bancroft Purple-Winner
Erica Lewis Go Green! Join 4-H Today! Cuming West Point Purple-Winner
Nicholas Petersen Explode into 4-H Cuming West Point Purple-Winner