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2018 News Columns

JANUARY: Clinics & Conferences; Cow/Calf College; Dicamba Trainings; Weed Guides; IYCC
FEBRUARY: Crop Ins, FarmBill & More; OnFarm WIA; FarmBill ServeSafe; Life Skills CropScouting
MARCH: PSI Animal Science Day; Farm Transition Workshop;

2017 News Columns

JANUARY: New Year's Resolutions; Financial Check Workshop; Cow/Calf College; Ice Storm's Impact on Plants
FEBRUARY: Windbreak Renovation; Strengthening NE's Ag Economy; Tips & Tricks for the Women in Ag; 4-H Teaches Life Skills
MARCH: Innovative Youth Corn ChallengeClover ChaseTractor SafetyEAB HHW 
APRIL: Issue Team; Progressive Ag Safety Day; Lawncare Herbicides; Ag census;
MAY:  Ext Healthy Kids; On Farm Research; Summer Opportunities; Youth Crop Scouting Competition; Eclipse
JUNE:  SCAL Field Day; Irrigation; FSA Crop Updates; Sportsmanship & Youth Development
JULY: Grand Champion Fair Experience; Stress Managment, Crop Update;
AUGUST: Back to School Routine; Butterflies & Solar Eclipse; Youth Learn Crop Scouting SkillsRental Rates & NEFairNebraska State Fair/ Tree UpdateHarvey Impacts on Ag

SEPTEMBER: Ag Careers Crops; Harvest Safety; Fall Pests
October: 4-H WeekTree Workshop /Wet Harvest; Tree Planting; Halloween Safety Tips

NOVEMBER: On-Farm Research; Uninvited guests; Food Labels; Beef Programs; Farmers & Ranchers College

DECEMBER: Crop Watch;Farm Custom RatesKohl Recap; Leases, Loans, and Liens

Previous News Columns

10/26/2016 Halloween Safety Tips;  10/19/2016 Career Exploration;  10/05/2016 4H Week;  9/21/2016 Animal Science Open House;  9/07/2016 Ag Careers Crops

9/14/2016 Harvest Safety

10/12/2016 Uninvited Guests9/28/2016 Fall Pests