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2021 News Columns

JANUARY: New Years Resolutions

2020 News Columns

JANUARY: New Years Resolutions; Successful Producer Tips; Cow/Calf College; Pest Ed Chemigation; Risk & Reward Workshop
FEBRUARY: Women in Ag Conference; IYCC Results; Hanson Program; Soils Health Conference
MARCH: CHIME Program; Disaster Anniversaries; Farm Family Transition & Stressors; Tractor Safety Traning;
APRIL: Virtual 4-H; Early Child Resources; Comfort in a Changing World; Covid-19 Ag Producer BMP; Children Coping 
MAY: Creating Routine; Biggest Grower Youth Competition; Tractor Safety: Hail Know; 4-H Fair: Bagworms
JUNE: 4-H Update: Mosquitoes; Youth Crop Scouting Competition; County Fair; Fair Schedule
JULY: YCSC Virtual; Fair; TeamworkBack to School Covid
AUGUST: Back to School Tips; 4-H Delivery Methods; Tomatoes Planting Fall Garden; Fall Lawn Care Reminders
SEPTEMBER: Land Management Webinar; Harvest Safety; Oct Camps/ Training for Ag Professionals; Farm Safety Week; National 4-H Week
OCTOBER: Insect Invaders; Youth & Screen Time; Tips for Healthier Halloween; Farmers & Ranchers College
NOVEMBER: Wellness in Tough Times; Entrepreneurship Month; Staying Connected During Holidays, Thanksgiving Trivia & Tree Tips
DECEMBER: Agronomy Project-No Field Required! Helping Youth Durning Covid-19 Holidays; Farmer's & Ranchers College program Reflection; Engaging in Meaninful Conversations ; 2020 Impacts

2019 News Columns

JANUARY: Cow/Calf CollegeJan Programs; This is 4-H; Managing Land; Annie's Inspired;
FEBRUARY: Crop Clinic; IYCC Results; N-150 Celebration; Gate to Plate
MARCH: AgrAbility Conference; Ag Week; Family Stress Crisis; Gate to Plate
APRIL: Mental Health; Ag Safety Day; Wellness in Tough Times; Nebraska LEAD Program
MAY: Wellness Tips; Sleepless in Neb; Beef Month; Hort.Weedprogram; YCSC
JUNE: Field Days; Irrigation Lessons; Mosquitoes; Good Great Manager
JULY: 4-H Friendships; Fair; FSA Elections; Managing Stress
AUGUST: YCSC; Back to School Tips; Fall Lawn Reseeding; 4H Delivery Methods
SEPTEMBER: Fall Invaders; Reading Resiliency; Harvest Safety; Uninvited Guests
OCTOBER: 4H Week; FreeAgLaw Clinics; Healthier Halloween; Grazing Stalks; Farmers & Ranchers College
NOVEMBER: Farm Bill Meetings; Women Managing Ag; Kohl Program; CashRent Workshop
DECEMBER: ChristmasTrees/FarmBill; Mental Health Webinar; Extension Recap 2019

Previous News Columns

10/26/2016 Halloween Safety Tips;  10/19/2016 Career Exploration;  10/05/2016 4H Week;  9/21/2016 Animal Science Open House;  9/07/2016 Ag Careers Crops; 7/04/2018Alexis; 08/08/2018 The "Buzz" at the Extension Office

9/14/2016 Harvest Safety; 12/05/2018 Dr. Kohl Recap

10/12/2016 Uninvited Guests9/28/2016 Fall Pests; 05/02/2018 Bagworms