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Lindsey Wachter-Mead, DVM
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Nebraska Extension Resources

Beef Information

Beef production learning modules, Ask and Expert, research reports, calendar of events and other resources are found at this University of Nebraska web resource.

Dairy Information

The UNL Dairy Cattle Extension Program provides information useful for dairy cattle production in Nebraska and throughout the country. Program information on topics including nutrition, herd management, diary products, and even what to look for in your dairy herd employees are available.

Meat Goat Information from

eXtension's web resource on meat goats is managed by a national team of Extension faculty addressing topics such as breeds, genetics, herd health, management, marketing, nutrition, and multiple additional topics.

Poultry Information

The Poultry Extension page at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln emphasizes management and nutrition. Information on current issues such as avian influenza can be found here as well as links to extension publications containing more general information.

Swine Information

The Pork Information Gateway is a product of the U. S. Pork Center of Excellence. The U.S. Pork Center of Excellence was established on July 1st, 2005 for the purpose of bringing about a higher level of cooperation and collaboration among and between universities, the pork production industry, and government. Extension faculty from around the U. S. are the primary authors for the content found on this site.