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As an Extension Assistant for the Nutrition Education Program, I specialize in teaching limited resource youth and adults about healthy lifestyles (MyPlate, physical activity, meal planning, food safety, etc.), and promoting positive health behavior changes. I am also a NAP SACC trainer, providing support in the area of nutrition and health to child care providers, to help them achieve best practices in the areas of nutrition and physical activity.

Contact Information:

Vanessa Wielenga MS, RD


Vanessa Wielenga is a registered dietitian at the University of Nebraska with expertise in nutrition and increasing access to healthy food. With the help of her network of local, state and regional organizations, she partners with communities to reach their goal of improving residents’ quality of life through food with a focus on implementing Nebraska Double Up Food Bucks. Contact Vanessa for more information about training opportunities, needs assessments, action planning, evidenced-based strategies, and marketing campaigns for the following community spaces: food retail (i.e. corner stores, grocery and farmers markets), vending, cafeterias and other food service settings, food pantries, and other emergency food distribution sites.