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Controlling Weedy Vines
Canning / Freezing Info:

        We have received many questions recently regarding canning and food preservation.  UNL actually has a Pinterest page dedicated to canning.  Fruits, onions, tomatoes, corn, etc.  This page can teach you how to can all sorts of things!  The good folk in Lincoln have a separate page with a simplier format which has wonderful canning information.  Use both pages in tandem with each other!  If you are more interested in freezing foods, simply follow this link.


 CSI & Community Garden

Have a green thumb?  Interested in crops?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, join the CSI and/or Community Garden teams this year. CSI and Community Garden will work together on a couple of workshops. If you have a CSI notebook from last year, please bring it to the workshops. There is no charge for either program this year. Here's what you can learn about in CSI:

-Learn about the importance of agriculture and how crops are used.
-Conduct cool, hands-on science experiments.
-Listen to speakers and learn about careers.
-Help conduct field plot research.
-Become a CSI investigator and detect plant problems.
For more information contact the Extension Office at (402) 759-3712. 


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November 3rd-
Fillmore County Health Fair from 10-4:00 p.m., Fillmore Co. Fairgrounds 


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