2023 ENREEC Summer Student Stories


Student Stories

ENREEC provides unique opportunities for students to engage with researchers and educators to gain valuable insight about agricultural topics, current research, and innovations. A visit to ENREEC is an immersive experience into the world of ag for students and classes.
Below are a few brief summaries along with video and photos of some of the ways students interact and learn at ENREEC.

Irrigation Management Class

Irrigation Systems Management Class Participates in Hands-On Lab at ENREEC

The University of Nebraska Irrigation Systems Management class tracked the consistency of flow rate through the pivot in a hands-on lab activity at ENREEC. The students assessed how efficient the irrigation system was using catch cans to measure irrigation distribution from a center pivot. Watch the video.

Beef students at feedlot

Beef Feedlot Equips Students with Useful Skills

At the feedlot at ENREEC, students learn firsthand about current practices, animal health and nutrition, and more. Working hands-on with cattle equips students with skills that will be useful in their future endeavors. Follow UNL Feedlot Extension on Facebook to keep up with what students are learning at the feedlot.

REE Classes

Research and Extension Experiences (REE) program

ENREEC hosted 2 groups of students participating in the Crop-To-Food Research and Extension Experiences (REE) program. Undergraduate students The program provides summer research opportunities for students to learn from and work alongside scientists.
Video (Class 1) Video (Class 2)

Agri 42

Agri 042 is for those with little ag experience

The Agri 042 Introduction to Production Ag in Nebraska course is designed for those with little or no understanding of Nebraska production agriculture. The course offers education on the decision-making, production processes, conservation and economics of modern agriculture.  The course introduces undergraduate and graduate students to the multi-faceted side of the production agriculture. Learn more.

2023 Summer Interns

Summer Interns at ENREEC

ENREEC provides the opportunity for interns to work alongside researchers and educators, gaining hands-on experience and practical knowledge. ENREEC is committed to providing a positive and supportive learning environment for all interns and to provide students with valuable skills and experience. Meet some of the summer interns.

(Please note that the listings on this page may not include all visits at ENREEC, but are a representation of most visits.)
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