2023 ENREEC International Engagement

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Visiting ENREEC - 2023

The Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center is an important hub for engaging with international visitors. Why are these visits important? With each visit comes the opportunity for exchange of knowledge and ideas, possibilities for collaboration, and discussion about common challenges in agriculture. Engaging with international visitors is a way to work towards achieving global food security and sustainable agriculture.

UK Minister For Food, Farming and Fisheries visit to ENREEC

UK Minister For Food, Farming and Fisheries
Explores Partnerships with UNL
During Visit to ENREEC

During a visit to ENREEC, Mark Spencer, UK Minister For Food, Farming and Fisheries discussed and explored commonalities, challenges and opportunities for potential partnerships to feed the world with Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Nebraska Extension, and the UNL Ag Research Division.

Kobe Students

Kobe University Students
Learn about Ag at ENREEC

Kobe University students made ENREEC their last stop of a 2-week journey of learning about agriculture and Nebraska. The students participated in workshops, tours and other activities during their time at the University of Nebraska.

ENREEC Visit Video
Cargill Argentina

Cargill-Argentina Cattle Feeders
Learn About American Feeding Systems

The Argentinean cattle feeders who visited ENREEC during the Cargill-Argentina feedlot tour were interested in learning about common feedstuffs and feedlot systems used in Nebraska.

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Partnership Tour for Producers from Mexico

Nebraska and Texas Tech
Host Producers from Mexico

A delegation of feedlot and cow/calf industry producers from Mexico got a close-up look of the beef feedlot, feedmill and feeding operations at ENREEC. The group also visited various commercial feedyards across the state. The tour was made possible thanks to a partnership between Texas Tech University and industry sponsors BACCUNE, SOOTEC, AVANCE agrobiopharma and Vigaly Inc. This visit provided the Mexican producers with a chance to learn more about cattle feeding systems in the United States and gain insights into industry best practices.

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Argentina Producer Irrigation Visit

Close-Up Look at Irrigation/Fertigation
with Group from Argentina

A group of producers from Argentina visited with ENREEC farm operations and UNL Biological Systems Engineering researchers to learn about new and current farming practices, such as utilizing fertigation and irrigation scheduling systems.

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Lindsay International Team

Exploring Water Efficiency Solutions
with Lindsay Corporation
International Leadership Team

An international team of Lindsay Corporation leaders, along with Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute and UNL researchers, visited ENREEC to learn about the latest in irrigation research. The group visited the carbon sequestration research fields where Lindsay's high clearance Zimmatic pivots allow sensors to be installed above the crop canopy while still permitting irrigation to take place. They also visited several research fields where the irrigation management program, FieldNET Advisor is being utilized and tested. Lindsay is enthusiastic about working with ENREEC, the Water for Food Institute and UNL to develop water use efficiency solutions for growers.

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Water for Food Conference Visitors

Water for Food Global Conference
Brings Visitors from 15 Countries to ENREEC

The 2023 Water for Food Global Conference included a visit to ENREEC. Visitors from 15 different countries learned about NFarms, irrigation, the LTAR project, carbon sequestration and plant phenotyping research during their visit.

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Kazakh National Agrarian Research University

Kazakh National Agrarian Research University
Faculty Visit ENREEC

Kazakh National Agrarian Research University faculty learned about ENREEC research and Extension, Nebraska agriculture, phenotyping & farm equipment. During discussion with the visitors, presenters learned that while Kazakhstan is obviously different than the United States, the country faces many similar ag-related issues.

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Uruguay Visitors

Uruguay Visitors Learn About
Beef Production and Research at ENREEC

Representatives and customers of Nutex and Teknal, animal nutrition companies from Uruguay learned about beef production and research during their visit to ENREEC.

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