Virtual Field Trips through School Enrichment

Nebraska Extension has two upcoming virtual field trip (VFT) they will be hosting. These VFT aim at connecting students with unique learning opportunities which bring science alive in the classroom. Classrooms will actively learn from and interact with an expert through an online video conference software.

Sun Rays & Windy Days

Date/Time: April 24 @ 10am or 2pm Central Time                  Grade: 4-7

From the sun’s rays to the wind that blows across our state, energy is all around us. How can we use solar panels and wind turbines to make electricity? Join us on this Nebraska Ask a Scientist! virtual field trip to meet a Nebraska Extension specialist who studies these alternative forms of energy production, see a solar panel up close, and go inside a wind turbine. 

Ag Walk ‘N’ Across Nebraska

Date/Time: May 1 or 2 @ 10am or 1pm Central Time          Grade: 4-5

In Nebraska, agriculture is our number one industry. You might not realize it at first, but we have a variety of ag products grown in Nebraska: corn, beef, sugar beets, even apples and grapes. From the Scotts Bluff and Wildcat Hills to the Nebraska Loess Hills, Nebraska has a wide diversity of soils that make this ag diversity possible. Join us on this Nebraska Ask a Scientist! virtual field trip to meet a Nebraska Extension Educator who studies how these different soils influences the types of ag crops grown in Nebraska.


  • To register your classroom for a VFT through the UNL Marketplace.
  • The cost for both VFT can be covered with a NETA Virtual Field Trip Mini-grant. More information about the program and a link to the grant application is located here.
  • For more information about all the virtual field trips available to your classroom visit the ESU Virtual Field Trips website.