Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Recognition Program

Cass County Volunteer Recognition Awards

 In addition to the awards and recognitions for 4-H youth, we are honored to recognize the valuable 4-H leaders and volunteers we have right here in Cass County! Their contributions to youth development make our county a great place to live and grow. Nominate someone - we have so many amazing people who would qualify!   Adult volunteers may be nominated by other adults or youth, and may nominate themselves. 

 The county level award winners will be selected by our local 4-H Council from the pool of nominations forms we receive.  Nomination deadline is October 1st! Complete the form(s) and either submit digitally, drop them off, mail, or email to the Cass County Extension Office: 

Olga J Livers Outstanding 4-H Leader Award

Olga Livers served as a secretary in the Cass County Extension Office for 25 years. During that time, she served with loyalty and dedication to 4-H Clubs of Cass County.  In 1989, the Cass County 4-H Council established an award honoring Olga. This award is presented each year to an outstanding 4-H leader at the annual 4-H Achievement Party.

Meritorious Service Award

This award will be given to a 4-H volunteer, staff member, business, or group who has made a special contribution to or impact on the 4-H program for 10 or more years. This award is given in recognition of a wide range of services and contributions to the 4-H program at the club, county, district, state or national level. The nominees for this award will have influenced the lives of 4-H members in Nebraska in a positive way and/or influenced the overall 4-H program. Recipients may be nominated more than once but may receive this award only once.

Tribute to Leader Excellent Award

This award is for current club leaders (co-leaders, assistant leaders, project leaders) who have served the 4-H program a minimum of 5 years and who have made a special contribution to or impact on youth, the 4-H program, their club and community. The leader must have positively affected the lives of youth and created a standard of excellence that helps motivate and encourage others. Recipients may receive this award once every five years.

Heart of 4-H Award

This award will recognize volunteers, 4-H supporters and/or companies or organizations who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and/or volunteer service to 4-H, have made a special contribution to the 4-H program, or provided a significant number of service hours to 4-H. Volunteers may receive this award once every 5 years. The Nebraska 4-H Foundation will provide one plaque to each county each year. 

Outstanding 4-H Alumni Award

This award will recognize 4-H alumni who have given service or support to the 4-H program and/or have promoted 4-H positively in the community. Alumni from any county or state are eligible to receive this award. Recipients may receive this award once every 5 years. The Nebraska 4-H Foundation will provide one plaque to each county each year.

State Awards

Nebraska 4-H has several awards to recognize adult leaders, volunteers, and partners who demonstrate exemplary service to 4-H, while promoting service through volunteerism as both an opportunity and a privilege. More information about State Awards (including application) can be viewed here: