Dress Code for Cass County Fair

Cass County 4-H Fair Dress Code

4-H exhibitors participating in 4-H events must adhere to the 4-H dress code. Beef, Swine, Sheep, Meat Goats, Dog, Poultry, and Rabbit participants should wear dark colored or blue jeans with a green or white Cass County 4-H T-shirt or a white shirt or blouse with sleeves with the official 4-H chevron and no headgear. 

Armbands, chevrons, and Cass County specific 4-H t-shirts can be purchased at the Extension Office before the fair and at the 4-H Office on the fairgrounds during the fair.  The office is open from 8am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Both white and green Cass County 4-H t-shirts are available for sale:  

  • White shirts with a green clover are $6.00, XXL shirts are $6.50.
  • Green shirts with a white clover will be $7.00, XXL shirts are $7.50. 

Hard soled shoes or boots should be worn. Shorts, halter tops and midriffs are not appropriate. Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goat exhibitors should adhere to the above code, except that white jeans or trousers are recommended. Horse participants should wear the dress and equipment described under "General Show Rules" in the Nebraska 4-H Horse Show and Judging Guide handbook.

The newly designed Cass County 4-H t-shirt features the outline of the county shape, the 4 points of the 4-H Clover (Head, Heart, Hands, Health), and a bright red NEBRASKA.  This winning design came from the Stove Creek Rustlers 4-H Club.  Congratulations to this group of active 4-Hers! (Note:  These newly designed shirts do not quality for show/contest shirts).