4-H Fundraising

4-H Fund Raising Guidelines


  • Money raised in the name of 4-H must be used for 4-H purposes. 
  • 4-H fund raising projects need to be approved by the Cass County 4-H Council. Contact the Extension Office to get on the next meeting's agenda.  Have someone from your club present your fundraising idea for approval.
  • 4-H fund raising should only be conducted to meet a 4-H club goal.  There must be a definite plan to account for funds raised. 
  • Generally, money raised during the year should be spent that same year, so there is no need for a 4-H club to have a savings account.  4-H Clubs should have a checking account rather than a savings account. 
  • All moneys received from 4-H fund raising programs, except those necessary to pay reasonable expenses, must be spent to further the 4-H mission. 
  • Please check with the Extension staff before putting the 4-H name or 4-H Clover on any flyer or item you intend to sell for profit. 
  • Questions, please contact the Cass County Extension Office at 402-267-2205 if you have questions.