4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential working and learning in partnership with caring adults.
4-H is education for life that uses a learn-by-doing approach.

Active in all 93 counties and at 4h.unl.edu

York County 4-H

The 2019 Nebraska State 4-H Dog Show will be held in Lincoln, NE at the UNL Animal Science Complex on Saturday, September 7th.  Join us for an informational webinar on the changes for the 2019 Nebraska State 4-H Dog Show on June 4th at 5:30 pm CST.   This webinar will give background on the move, information on the new location, show schedule, and plan for the event.  We will also be seeking input for the 2020 4-H Dog Show.  This informational webinar is open to all – please share this information with your 4-H families.

Summer workshops are set up and ready for you to sign up. We have 4 workshops that are full as of May 24th, Sweet Summer Cookies, Clover Cookies, Beginner Fabric Design and Clover Cakes 201. Workshop Guide Workshop Registration
June 11, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
York County Fairgrounds

A fun-filled day of learning for children ages 5-13.  Parents and older youth are welcome, but Must registar if staying for the events and eating lunch. 

Topics for demonstrations and discussions could include: Railroad Safety, Lawnmower Safety, Make & Take First Aid Kit, Gun Safety, Hand Washing, Chemical Safety, PTO Safety and Animal Safety.

CSI: Crop Science Investigation

  Are you a youth interested in science, agriculture, plants, crops, insects, or diseases?  If so, you may be interested in joining us for CSI (Crop Science Investigation)!!! You don’t have to be a 4-H member to join and there’s no cost.  Each meeting will have different topics for you to become a detective to solve a problem and learn about science, crops, and plants in the process!