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State 4-H Volunteer Resources

The Nebraska state 4-H website has many resources for Volunteers and Club Leaders ranging from training and development to club management.  And check out the Fast Track Volunteer Training Video Series to increase your leadership skills at your own pace.


York County Blast -
Emailed out at the start of each month.

Volunteer Opportunities

Leader and Volunteer Training Resources

EIN Application Directions
Group Exemption Authorization Form - reqired of all clubs handling funds
Constitution and Bylaws Template
Year End Treasurer's Report - Due annually by Jan 31, from all clubs handling funds
Nebraska 4-H Policy and Procedure Manual
4-H Name & Clover Guidelines
Indirect Volunteer Form

Club Opportunities

4-H Club of Excellence
   The overall goal of 4-H clubs is to develop enthusiastic young people who boldly take action to demonstrate life skills as capable, caring, confident, competent kids of character thus contributing to the improvement of themselves, their family, their club their community, and ther world.  One way clubs might choose to measure their success in meeting that goal is their ability to gain status as a Nebraska Club of Excellence.