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Jan. 4:  Fremont Corn Expo,
Jan. 9-11:  Nebraska Turfgrass Conference, LaVista Conference Center,
Jan. 10:  UBBNRD Nitrogen Mgmt Training, 9:30 a.m., Leadership Center Aurora
Jan. 10:  York Ag Expo, Holthus Convention Center, York (Chemigation Training 9 a.m.-Noon, Cover Crop/Annual Forages Topics 1-4 p.m.)

My family has never been the type that sits down to a holiday meal and passes platters of food around the table. This is likely because our family is just too big and no one has one table big enough for all of us to sit around. So, for as long as I can remember holiday gatherings, the style of serving was walk through the line and serve yourself, AKA, buffet-style. However, this type of food service, where foods may be out for long periods leaves the door open for uninvited guests — bacteria that cause foodborne illness. Here are some tips for a safe and brilliant buffet:

 Safe Food Handling

Cows and Downed Corn:  In speaking with a couple area veterinarians and also our Extension Beef Specialists, they brought up a good point in the downed corn discussion.  Their concern was the cattle may be acclimated to grazing the first field of downed corn, but if left on that field for awhile once the corn is cleaned up, they would need to be re-acclimated to the next field of downed corn.  I mention this as we’re getting reports of some cattle losses in various parts of the State where producers didn’t have problems with the first field but are experiencing problems on the second one.  For more information on acclimating cattle to graze downed corn, please see the following article:

Livestock Quality Assurance (LQA) Certification Transition Plan

Nebraska Extension in York County

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