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Volunteers: A Gift to the Community

   The American volunteer rates are amongst the highest in the world.  It’s true that fire departments, libraries, museums, schools, and many other organizations could not function without volunteer support.  But no volunteer role has more impact on the future than educating and mentoring youth.  Young people in 4-H, the youth development program of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, are two times more likely to get better grades in school, nearly five times more likely to graduate from college, and four times more likely to positively contribute to their families and communities compared to non-4-H youth.

Through the years I’ve been blessed to meet many individuals including farmers/ag industry professionals who served (or continue to serve) our Country in the military. I’ve observed how service has influenced perspective on life’s difficulties for many individuals. And, I’ve observed how impacts of service have resulted in additional difficulties in life after service for some. There shouldn’t be shame regarding the struggle or in seeking help. While it can be scary, healing can come in the midst of honesty and vulnerability.

Nebraska Extension in York County

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