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Youth and Stress: What Adults Need to Know

This is part two of a two-part series on youth stress.

   Adults want youth to develop skills so they are successful in the future. One of those skills needs to be resiliency, or the ability to overcome challenges presented to you. Most youth develop physically and emotionally as they get older. It is through this development and interaction with adults that they need to experience failure, which enables resiliency. Facing failure in a safe environment will actually alleviate stress youth experience later on and will contribute to developing this life skill for the future.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Weed Science School. It was an interesting day of learning, discussion, even reflection. Dr. Amit Jhala, Weed Science Specialist, did a really nice job of organizing the day and creating opportunities to hear from University, Industry, and Nebraska Dept. of Ag (NDA) speakers in addition to providing hands-on activities. While dicamba was a topic that was discussed, we didn’t hear about EPA’s ruling till the following day that the RUP products for soybean will be re-registered. Tim Creger with NDA shared that 6 other dicamba products, most with pre-mixes, will be registered this year.

Nebraska Extension in York County

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