4-H School Enrichment Guide

2019 - 2020
4-H School Enrichment

     School enrichment programs are learning experiences offered to students during school hours by local   4-H educators.  These programs are designed to enhance the subject matter being studied in the classroom, provide hands-on education, introduce a new topic to students, or spark a new interest!

     The 4-H school enrichment program is a great way to connect and collaborate with your local Extension office and achieve your classroom educational goals.  The programs we provide are created to act as a supplement to the learning that is already happening in the classroom. By using the University of Nebraska Lincoln's "Learning by doing" curriculum, school enrichment sessions can help teachers engage students and improve the learning process while meeting Nebraska State Board of Education standards. Curriculum used in School Enrichment is developed at the University of Nebraska, Other Universities, or by the National 4-H Council.

     There is no cost to your classroom.  We are looking forward to working with you and your students!  Contact Tanya Crawford at tanya.crawford@unl.edu or 402-362-5508, to schedule your class.

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See the source imageWashing Germs Away!    Grade K - 2     1, 30-45 minute session 
    Think those hands are clean? What you can’t see can spread infection. Students will learn the benefits of handwashing, guidelines for hand washing and when hands should be washed. During this visit, youth will have the opportunity to see how well they have washed their hands using Glow-Germ which fluoresces brightly under an UVA view box.

Image result for Home clipartOn Your Own and OK     Grade 3 - 5     3, 30-40 minute sessions
About 90% of third graders indicate that they are left home alone for at least 20 minutes during a typical week.  This class will cover a series of lessons about what to do when you are left home.  This program will be offered in the fall and spring.

Image result for chick clipartEmbryology     Grade 3     3, 30-40 minute sessions
    Students of all ages enjoy taking care of eggs and anticipating the arrival of baby chicks.  We learn about the similarities and differences between chickens, other animals and humans as well as study the development of life.  We will also talk about animal care and the circle of life.  Real eggs, from ostrich to robin will also be available for observation and comparison.  Available only in the spring.

Image result for caterpillar butterfly clipartCaterpillar to Butterfly     Grade 2     3, 30-40 minute sessions
This program is designed to be in two lessons allowing your classroom to learn about butterflies.  Students will receive a live butterfly classroom experience!  This program teaches life cycles, metamorphosis, and insect parts.  Students can observe the live specimens transform from caterpillars to chrysalides to butterflies with their own observation kit.  Available only in the spring.

Image result for nutrition clipartNutrition Education     Grade K-5     3, 30-40 minute sessions -   Choose one or More of the following lessons, each 30-40 minutes in length
Think Your Drink:  Many people drink sodas and other sugary drinks throughout the day.  These drinks don’t add any nutritional value to our diet.  For that reason, some people drink many sodas in a single day - adding a lot of sugar to their overall diet.  Overconsumption of sugar sweetened beverages is a national health concern and we need to start the conversation about what drinks will help us live healthy lives.  This hands on activity will let kids visually see how much sugar is in there drinks and allow them to taste some healthier options. 

  * Heathy Snacks, Healthy Me:  This is a “hands on” lesson on nutritious snacks that kids can make themselves.  Students will work in groups to make and present to the class healthy snacks. 

  * Choose Health:  Food, Fun and Fitness:   This program is suggested for 4th or 5th graders and targets those behaviors research shows to be most important for preventing childhood obesity and chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.   We focus on improving healthy food choices balanced by physical activity.  This class will required six one hour lessons.  These lesson can be done once a week, month or daily.  During these lessons youth will participate in hands on activities, taste and or prepare food, taking away ideas for healthy snacks and meals with recipes and set goals for healthy eating and activity.