York County Fair

August 3 - 6, 2017

Fair Book
Front of the book Info
Contests = Pre-Fair (Public Speaking, PSA Contest, Presentations, Teaching, Culinary Challenge, Film Fest) Judging Contests (Grass, Forb, Crops & Weeds, Tree Identification, Horticulture, Insects, Livestock) Shooting Sports (Archery, BB Gun, Air Rifle, Air Pistol, Trap) County Fair (Bike Rodeo, Casting Contest, Coffee Can Ice Cream)
Dept A Citizenship & Civic Education = Heritage/Genealogy, Citizenship, Seeing I2I, Leadership

Dept B Communications & Expressive Arts = Communications; Posters; Photography; Theater Arts

Dept C Consumer & Family Science = Human Development, Clothing Exhibits, Knitting & Crocheting, Quilt Quest, Fashion Show, Consumer Management, Home Environment

Dept D Environmental Education / Earth Science = Forestry, Conservation & Wildlife, Shooting Sports Exhibits
Dept E Nutrition, Foods, & Food Preservation = Beginning Foods, General Foods, Middle Foods, Cake Decorating, Advanced Foods, Food Preservation, Safety, Healthy, Safety & Lifetime Sports Exhibits
Dept F  Personal Development & Leadership = Entrepreneurship
Dept G Agronomy = Field Crops, Weed Science, Range Management, Floriculture, Houseplants, Dorothy & Howard May, Horticulture, Herbs, Fruits
Dept H Science, Engineering & Technology = Entomology, Veterinary Science, Aerospace, Computer Mysteries, Robotics, Electricity, Geospacial, Power of Wind, Wood Science, Welding
Dept J Animal Science
Dept K Clover Kids
Dept M FFA
Dept O Open Class

Due by July 7th
   4-H Fashion Show Forms = Fashion Show, Shopping in Style Narrative

   4-H General Form = All Static Exhibits & Contests (Clover Kids do not pre-enter static exhibits)

   4-H Home Environment Supporting Information

   4-H Animal Form = Livestock, Poultry, Rabbit, Companion Animal, Clover Kids included

Due by July 7th
   FFA General Entry Form
   FFA Animal Entry Form

   Open Class Animal = Due by July 7th
   Open Class Static Exhibits do not pre-register